I finally found my dream house in New Zealand- house rental for your vacation in South island

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Dear steemit friends,
I always share with my steemit friends on things that I feel passionate about , so this time I would like to share about all the rental houses that we have stayed throughout our trip in New Zealand.

I will make the series with the title( to be considered) , where I share some of the photos and how I feel about staying in the neighbourhood..

This is the first time that I have rented and stayed in someone else house when I’m traveling and what a perfect way to do in newzealand where you have to stay in beautiful big country houses.


The small one roof area on the left side was the car garage and this is the house area on the uphill. You will arrive from the back and then enter the house and then to this area.

History with my obsession with houses

It’s one of my dream to own a beautiful house some day , I know house is just normal thing , everyone need a house to stay . But having lived through my parents house , where my parents took loan from government. It never felt like home .. it always felt like someday we were going to leave the house because we couldn’t repay back the money .

And then I lived with my grandmother, where my portion of space was at the back of the house, where they kept all unnecessary stuffs and nobody bother to go, although it wasn’t the best, where there was a huge Gecko on the wall looking at me everyday . We have a saying in myanmar where if gecko ever fall on you, you wouldn't be able to remove unless when it rain or with rain water so it was terrifying to think about it. Not sure it was true though.. Or sometimes I woke up in the middle of the sleep because coconuts felling to the rooftops .i dislike coconuts because it makes the rooftop crack and I have to put containers for the dripping water whenever the monsoon Season come..but it was My happy place.

Then I went to live in hostels in yangon( government and private) where I have to share a big Hall with at least 20 people from all over the country . And then in Singapore , I used to share in a tiny room with three other person for almost 4 years. I can make another post on how it was but right now I’m so happy that I am able to have my own room here.

What I’m trying to say here is that ever since I was young , I dreamt every night to have that dream house that I will stay one day ..I also have a Pinterest board where there are full of house inspiration/ decor posts! I was obsessed.

And then when we were planning for our trip , my friends suggested that we should rent a house because there are 8 of us and it’s actually cheaper as we can save money on food by cooking .

panoramic view villa christchurch19.jpg

So here we go , this was the first house that we stayed in Christchurch ,and needless to stay. I was on cloud 9!And let me give you a tour of the house.

I have added the name of the place , just in case anyone of you are interested for your trip..


So this is the house.. I love how the house in newzealand are design in glasses ..

The house is located on a hill top, so the drive was pretty steep and the street to the house was tiny. Probably the most exciting drive we had in new Zealand.

The house have 1 bed room in ground floor, 2 bed room in the 1st floor and another room on the 3 red floor ..

So this is the room from the ground floor..this one does not have the view but it’s easier if you have kids , or elderly to go to the living room and kitchen ..


There are two bath rooms for the whole house , and this one is the one at the ground floor.

The bathroom here is not the nicest and they also have washing machine.No dryer though .. as we found other houses we stayed mostly have dryer machine as it was very nice to get our clothes fresh and dry..


On the second floor there are 2 double bed rooms.. there was even a small attic in one of the room which I didn't have a picture of.


Room (1)


Room (2)

This is another bathroom on the second floor. This one is definitely more fancy and awesome. The house provide all the necessities like hand soap, shower gel and shampoo and also Towels for everyone.


The bathroom was very huge with a bath and regular shower area.. One thing I love about the houses in new Zealand was their heating system in the room itself , for example, the bathroom itself has heater , so you don't have to rush to get warm. It is something that is new to me and I love it.

The design for the shower area was fancy but i prefer a close shower area in my own house though.

panoramic view villa christchurch11.jpg

This is the only room at the top floor which has amazing view. Can you imagine waking up from comfortable bed and this amazing view everyday? All the beds has heater, so it's nice and warm.

panoramic view villa christchurch7.jpg

Kitchen Area

You can find all the stuffs that you would need for cooking and more. A fridge, microwave, dishwasher etc

panoramic view villa christchurch1.jpg

Living room

Living room was very cozy and spacious. They also have fireplace but we didn't tested it out. The TV was a fancy curve style TV.

panoramic view villa christchurch14.jpg

Lots of cozy lounge areas inside and also outside of the house..

panoramic view villa christchurch2.jpg

They also have a bbq area and garden front.. It was raining and cold, so we didnt had BBQ outside.

panoramic view villa christchurch15.jpg

And this is the view from the house .At night we can see the city in the lights. What a dream. I would add a swing and swimming pool though.

panoramic view villa christchurch16.jpg

So guys, What do you think of this place? Let me know in the comment. The standard check in time is 2pm and check out is at 10 am in new zealand..So it felt super short! Sad to leave this house but lets explore another one next.

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I like the house. The 2nd floor color looks like that of wood, also the small ventilator/window frames look like wood. Was it wood? And how much it costed?


Hey Sanjay , nice to see you back on my blog, yes they are wood.. I can’t remember exactly but you can check through the links if you are curious . The price is not that expensive for newzealand.. it’s very expensive country where a pack of cigarettes cost $30!!


Oh! That is costly, $30 is a monthly rent of a room at some places in Himachal.. lol

And how do you manage your expenses? You travel constantly, do you do some kind of job on the run?


No.. I work constantly and overtime and save up to travel . After the trip, Right now I’m working 12 hours/ 10 days straight to finally get a rest day!


That is good to know.. still I am curious, what do you you? It can't be a regular job right? Because you travel frequently, and no one gives that number of holidays.


actually even if you work 9-5 with a regular job, you can travel often .. I don't consider myself that I travel very frequently , I have seen people who travel a lot more often than me.. Actually there are many holidays in a year if you combine with weekends etc and just need to know how to make use of it!There are lots of articles that you can check out.. Working remote and earn money would be dream, especially from steemit.

In your current post. Which is interesting to me Not about your trip. I love to hear stories about you in Myanmar. And I became curious with your grandmother. And you are the grandson that his grandmother loved


you mean granddaughter? no I wasn't .. in Myanmar, most prefer boys, so my cousins were her favorite..


Ohh yes, I think you are the only grandchild. Maybe you can explain Why in myanmar Boys are more loved than girls?

This house is so so beautiful!!! Where are you going now sweetie?


yes!!I am back to work now though.. :(

Please bring that house beside me. Hehe


can I still there forever first.. hehe


Please noo!! :'( Huhuhu

The house is so beautiful, ,,,,, the house has been built in a very beautiful way, your spani house is really very nice,


Thank you.

cool place
that is a dream house

The environment of the house was very good and the environment and the trees are natural vegetation and the birds and the river around the river are very beautiful and the place looks beautiful


yes it's located at such a beautiful place.


We get pleasure from the small mound of the river and the joy of the green gajes in our heart


At some point of time, you go to the river, look at the nature of the green, and close the eyes, after which you will see the green samples and the ears have the feeling of emotions and emotions.

I'd love to live in that house, it's so comfortable. You are very cute in that dress :*


thank you.. yes I also want!

No wonder you call it a dream house, Its beautiful. The interior is amazing. We can even feel the exotic environment it has nearby. You are lucky to have a stay. Enjoy your vacation! 🙂


thank you.. yes.. feel lucky to have a chance to stay there ..

Looks awesome!


The place was very beautiful


yes such a beautiful place.

Looks like a great place with great views! Cool bath too!


thank you.

The house is really very nice, like the whole house of spani, is, very beautifully built in the house,

I really love your sweet dream house with New Zealand ,,and also South island is so beautiful city,,, amazing natural place,,Thanks for share with us


resteem done

Wow your room photographe very cool I like your excellent natural photographe post only for you......Ankalis of Greece, Anjarali of Sharsha, Sarat's Gathali, Hemant's Mitali, Winter Pitha Puli, Spring Flower Koli, so fill all the pills of life.

The house is very beautiful. I like a lot. If that was the case, then I would also like to stay in this house. Anyway, you've enjoyed so much?