Dream come true - Wanaka Lavender field New Zealand

in travel •  10 months ago

I always dream of visiting a lavender field some day, if you have been following me for a while , you knew I even made a post on which countries you can find them.

Today was the day. It was almost the end of the season so most of them are already been cut/ harvested to make lavender based products like oil and skin care products .You can buy them at the farm. They even have lavender ice cream.


The field wasn't the biggest, but it is such a lovely place and I am over joyed.


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wah this looks amazing!! New Zealand seems quite nice.


yes it's a beautiful country.

I'm glad your dream came true and that you didn't get there too late for it. You look very happy in you photos.


thank you.. I really wanna visit the one in france though.. have you been.?


I drove past this one in NZ but it was already harvested at that time. Haven't been to any others.

at first I think this is just a flower


yes.. you are right.. it is a flower named lavender.

Great weather with beautiful lavender field.


happy to have clear day and sun.

wow this is really an amazing photography dear @aburmeseabroad really love these shots. and the views are really gorgeous.


yes it was amazing.

Wow .
Good to see you there . hope it will be very interesting moment for you .
Keep it up dear . i like your photography .and i always wait for your work .
Your work is appreciable .

It's awesome photographey I like your post thanks for sharing your newzeland photographe.
Ankalis of Greece, Anjarali of Sharsha, Sarat's Gathali, Hemant's Mitali, Winter Pitha Puli, Spring Flower Koli, so fill all the pills of life.


oh.. so many places

Wanaka Lavender field ....in newzealand looking amazing..@aburmeseabroad
I always follow your article because i also like to travelling....
In Wanaka Lavender field , you are looking so gorgeous..@aburmeseabroad

Just beautiful, I love lavender. I seen the fields in France.


Wow. HAve u got any photos from there..


Unfortunately I don't. This was 40 years ago, back than photography was still a challange haha.

So amazing!
Nice view and photo.

Waiting more ...


Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December.

My god...
The view is so beautiful.
I wonder how lavender ice cream lokks like 🤔


thank u. it's mixed with honey so it look like normal ice cream. my friend got a photo, I will ask from her and share in future post.

You should come to morocco , its wonderful on spring


hope to visit there some day .

with your post, I just know the lavender field is so beautiful, although some lavender has been cut still looks very beautiful


yes smell nice too..

fascinating fields with the beauty of lavender flowers, in addition to skin care can also repel mosquitoes. beautiful flowers with a million benefits.


yes... it's also relaxing...

it's really very beautiful place, I saw it for the first time, thank you for sharing, success for you @aburmeseabroad

The nature is filled with the mind when it comes to seeing certain things, the place is that

My best ity new zealand,I really love this city and also field wasn't the biggest, but it is such a lovely place and so beautiful natural ,thanks for share with us.

a very best of luck for ur wanaka lavender field...

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congratulations friend, you must be happy, because your dream has come true. I think everybody dreams of coming to such a beautiful place

This is so lovely. Have you tried the ice cream @aburmeseabroad?

You are happy to travel, we are happy to see you @aburmeseabroad

Where is it.
The place and its sights are very interesting


it's at new zeland.

I'm glad to see u in lavender field :)
I also have a dream to see and touch beautiful lavender.