Arriving at the Christchurch airport

in travel •  8 months ago

Dear steemit friends,

Today I arrived at Christchurch airport, NZ.

I always mentioned about my immigration experience , so this one is shout out to NZ airport immigration officers and those working at the airport. The most nicest and friendly crews ever(yes there are such immigration officers exist, who make you feel Super welcomed!

Everyone is super sweet , the officer made a comment by looking at my Myanmar passport " I don't see this passport so much around ". The airport also has free public telephone near information counter so it was super handy.

Their no food policy etc is super strict , so do not carry any honey , raw food or proceed food when you go , also declare according as there are instant $400 fine! For example, trekking shoes etc . Cute dogs will go around your luggages and bags too.

Pretty stoked to explore the south island for the next few weeks!

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A great time is ahead of you! New Zealand is really unique 😍
If you want to read about our journey on the north and south island, take a look at my husband's blog 👉 @dominik.homa


Thank you moni , I will check out for sure .

Love New Zealand. Have fun!


Thanks a lot

an exhausting day and all would disappear with the sweet smiles of the friendly airport officers.
I see you so happy in this long holidays.
you are very lucky.
I never saw a picture of your friend, what he does not want it in the photo?
thanks for sharing @aburmeseabroad


I’m traveling with a group of friends .. I will post their photos in the future , but need to ask their permission first..

Have a good day wishing you day. Seeing your smile has made me happy

I don't see this passport အဲ့ဒါေျပာတာေလးႀကိဳက္လို့ ဟီးဟီး ကမာၻကသိတဲ့ ျမန္မာကြ
ခရီးစဥ္ေလးေတြ ေစာင့္ေမ်ွာေနမယ္ေနာ


congratulations to those of you who already get a good response by imegresi hopefully you always get the best

the atmosphere is so beautiful that you can enjoy while arriving at the airport and greeted by a very friendly imigraci with you. I should congratulate you that you come always welcomed

Thanks for sharing your excellent natural photographe post. I like your all post.. only for
Nilima for the sky, Furnima for the moon, the mountains for the hills, the estuaries for the river, and remains for you "Best wishes"

Do not prevent you going away. Do not be afraid of the obstacles that come in the way. I wish you many good luck.

Have a safe Trip!

this is lOoks awesome view of christchurch airport,
BTW where are you going friend south island ?
have a safe journey!

Your looking amazing .
Its good that you find friendly people there .

Airport is looking so beautiful . its mean they do a lot of hard work to take care of it .
Is the background is real ???

For example, trekking shoes etc

What does this mean? They don't allow carrying trekking shoes or what? And what is one supposed to declare?

Kindly elaborate.


If u have used in other country , items used in outdoor activities have to declare .. they will ask where u used etc ... bec it their strict policy of not transferring any soils and bacteria from other country..


That's really strict.

as long as people say you are kind and nice, i am happy, hopefully your journey is always happy

I love this one @aburmeseabroad.


I imagine if I am lucky I will visit Burma to see and bring home the quality chickens there....


ေပ်ာ္စရာခရီစဥ္ေလးေပါ့ေနာ္ စပိဘုတ္ေလးစီးထားတဲ့ပုံတင္ပါအုန္း ျပန္လာရင္ ဟီးးးးး

New Zealand is real!! How was it being there?