Travala AVA - Listing on switcheo May 22cnd 8AM GMT

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Travala (AVA) will be Listed on Switcheo Exchange

Listing on switcheo May 22cnd 8AM GMT

The wait is over, and now we will see Travala aka on the blockchain. List on switcheo Neos first decentralised exchange.

ICO Price of AVA was $0.35
Ciculating Supply is about 26million.

Lots of upside potential with this one!

We are excited to announce that Travala (AVA) will be listing on Switcheo Exchange! Concierge is a Decentralized Travel Booking Marketplace built on the NEO Blockchain.

In alignment to our partnership with Switcheo Exchange, Travala (AVA) will be listed soon, which will allow users to trade with SWH, NEO and GAS instantly! While the exact listing date and time will be confirmed in a later announcement, we have also something exciting in store for both Switcheo and Travala (AVA) community to thank our supporters. So do look out for our updates for more news on this partnership

About Travala (AVA):

Utilising blockchain technology, Travala (AVA) will be a global online travel booking marketplace. Travala (AVA) is building its online booking platform upon the NEO decentralized engine and blockchain. (The Travala (AVA) Travel Booking Marketplace).

The AVA booking ledger will be the core of the ecosystem. Travelers and merchants are offered peer to peer communication, enabling direct dealing with 0% commission. Travala (AVA) aims at being the go-to travel marketplace worldwide.

Disclaimer : All investing is speculative. This isn't financial advice. Just one man's opinion of a complex fractal world with infinite variables, affecting the system, at exactly the same time.

Thanks for Reading!

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