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RE: My Strength Is Gone, I Can’t Take This Anymore. (Trap Music That Is)

in #trap4 years ago

To be very frank, I've tried my best trying to figure out why is it that hip-hop is so popular - contemporary hip-hop to be honest - 80% of the time the sound is so montonous, there's practically no melody and the verses are mediocre.. and yet they get so much airplay and seem to be the 'in' thing when at any disco or pub (is it why I hate going ot pubs now?)

When listening to the radio when driving, this is the one thing that drives me nuts if it comes on air and I end up changing the channel because I find it really disturbing.. with all due respect it doesn't give me the feeling 'music' is supposed to..

I'm somebody who appreciates dance/pop/rock/folk/metal music of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s but.. contemporary hip-hop.. gosh man.. no comments


Well it depends what you listen you. This topic is about the very specific sound of "pop trap" which i think is what you mean by "contemporary hip hop" -- but outside of that mate id suggest that there is a ton of cool stuff. Death Grips, all the stuff Flying Lotus works on, even some mainstream stuff like Cardi B or xxxtentacion is pretty creative and interesting

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