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Hey friends, have you all heard about Transno?
Transno is a multi-function app that combines outlines, notes and mind map.

Transno is a wonderful note making app that helps you draw out your mind map. I love to see it as an app to make personal diary notes. It has a lovely display and organisational format.

Take a look at my first note on Transno in a mind map format.

You can get Transno on google playstore


As a writer, i really appreciate note apps that makes organising my works easy

Then this is for you

i didn't know about this. thanks much

Check it out on playstore, you will love it

I really love the interface of this app, it is one of the best note maming app

Yeah, its a good app

Looks cool, also a lot of nice reviews on playstore

Yeah, app is cool

I don't understand what the mind map means

More like puting down whats on your mind in an ordered manner

Amazing UI, this is an amazing note app

Yeah, it is

although I'm still trying to figure my way on how to make a perfect schedule tree, the transno app is a top-notch for me

Yeah, same for me too

Haha, here you go again, i love this one tho, looks cool

Haha, you again, i only advertise good apps

What kind of note is this, looks like a cycle diagram

Lol, i think you should try it out first

Cool app, never knew you play football.

Yeah, I'm really good at it too

Nice review, app looks interesting

I'm currently using this application, it is nice

Yeah, very nice

Found this app, never stopped using it

Wow, thats cool

This is great, thanks for the enlightenment

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