The translation project translation for DaVinci-Utopian now has a full Dutch team and they are flying it! — Steemit

The translation project translation for DaVinci-Utopian now has a full Dutch team and they are flying it!

in translations •  3 months ago

Since a few months, I've been the proud Dutch Language Moderator (LM) for the translation project for Davinci-Utopian, but in that recruitment round, there were only two players. I became LM with @minersean as the only translator.
Not really a team as such! However, the communication between the two of us was brilliant and the work he finished was excellent. So I was happy, but got a bit bored.


Second recruitment

For that reason, I was delighted when the second recruitment round started and this time things changed. There weren't massive numbers of people who applied for the role of Dutch translator, but still we managed to add four more names to our list, bringing the total to a full team!

The names added to my team of hard-working Dutch translators were: @altrosa (also known as @soyrosa), @anouk.nox and my friends who live just 10 minutes away: @dragonsandsnakes and @tokentattoo.

The hard working Dutchies

It has only been a few days since these people knew they were approved and some of them are already working full on in the translation projects. Some are still waiting for instructions from my side, but since I immediately got more work to do than I expected, I've only gotten around to some of it...yet.

@minersean has just finished another part of the translation for his 😉 byteball, while @altrosa is banging down one after the other with already three 1000+ word translations of the Steem Whitepaper! If that is not dedication, then I don't know what is.

And I know, once the others know what they are supposed to do exactly and how (it's a lot of reading and asking questions in the beginning), I'll be busy as can be. Just the way I like it.

But for now, I am one happy and proud language moderator.


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MY Byteball indeed!!

I’m glad the team has grown, too! More people means more discussion and improvement of quality!


I agree! It's important to have a diverse team :-) Glad to be your colleague from now on!


I am happy to have a team full of bright heads, it makes 'work' just so much more fun to deal with and from what I've seen so far, we all strive for perfection. This is something you don't see very often. Even in the 'professional' translation business. Just think of some Dutch subtitles... Like those (Pearl Harbour) where the yell: 'May-Day...May-Day' was translated as Meidag! 😲 Come to think of it, I might dedicate a whole post to this LOL. Anyway, drifting off here: I am proud to have you all on my team...our team!

Oh YES! This is so cool, I can't believe my luck I found your message about the recruitment window and I got in! You're terribly fun to work with, so expect a steady stream of contributions coming your way from me! We can't let you get bored again :D


No, please don't let me get bored 😉It's awesome to work with you, you won't give me much time to breathe LOL.