The 5W's and H QUESTION--> Translation

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From English to Filipino to Cebuano

If you ever visit Philippines this translation might help you a bit😁

  1. WHERE?
    In Filipino ---> SAAN?
    In Cebuano--> ASA?
  2. WHAT?
    In Filipino--> ANO?
    In Cebuano--> UNSA?
  3. WHEN?
    In Filipino---> KAILAN?
    In Cebuano--> KANUS-A?
  4. WHO?
    In Filipino--->SINO?
    In Cebuano--> KINSA?
  5. WHY?
    In Filipino---> BAKIT?
    In Cebuano--> NGANO?
  6. HOW?
    In Filipino ---> PAANO?
    In Cebuano--> UNSAON?
    but the "HOW " question has many uses in
    Cebuano the translation of this word differ in every situation for example if your asking the price you will say how much? In cebuano its not "unsaon" like the meaning written above but its "TAGPILA?"😊

So there you have it😁😉😊

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Good post


@rohit12123 thanks👍😉😊