Steemit auto-translate coming? Also a question regarding your older posts.

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Is auto-translate in the works? Google Translate plug-in would be useful. Anyone know? Have you seen how many new posts are coming out of Korea lately? Beyond that, I think Steemit users could collaborate on good translations and share rewards. Instant global platform and at-home work for bilingual people. Good reason to learn a new language too! Win-win for everybody.

One of my biggest gripes about Steemit is the fact that posts only generate revenue for a limited time. I often search up great content and cannot reward the creator. That is just wrong. If that user still has an account and wallet, we should be able to fill it. If there is a tech or game-theory reason why this is so, please point me to it.

G’day Steemians!
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Yeah! I ve really been thinking in that line too. You know if there were some thing like that, this community would be better a global village where everyone understand one another, rewards giving to posts and comments worth it, languages and culture better understood and shared. Pls I call on steemians who are capable of bring this to reality to come together and make it work as it would add great value to this platform...long live Steem!!!

@the-ivor: Good thoughts! #resteemed, #upvoted & #followed for more visibility. Also thought about this translation issue. I know a group of people who might be able to make it work, but before I'm gonna meet them I wanna make sure we're not wasting precious time & money for things which are already in the making!?
To all the whales: who knows more than we do?!? mo' INFO pls :)

Hey, tanks for ur vote, I follow you