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The boat left . Annapurna, in loving affection, started asking Brahmin children about his house, the news of his relatives; Tarpad got rid of his reply very briefly and came out. Outside the rainy season of the rainy season, the whole line of life was overwhelmed and his self-styled people became anxious in nature. The cloud-free sunshine of the river, the dark green area of ​​the river, and the ridiculous sunny earthquake above it, and the faded black-and-white forestline on the other side, all, in the face of the golden ring of a fairy goddess, like the newly opened young beauty, it appeared in front of the idiotic look of the silly blue eyes, all of them were enlightened, vibrated, illuminated, Succulent, Orient That's perfect.

On the rooftops of the Tarpa boat, we went to the shade of the flock and took shelter. Gradually, sloping green grounds, flooded jute fields, dark green amanas movement, narrow grenadines from the ghat, and the dense winding villages of the densely populated villages came upon their eyes. This water ground sky, the mobility of the mobility, the scope and diversity of the upper and lower and the far-flung distances, these large-scale immersive sinless people were the supernatural of the young boy in the world; However, he did not try to hold this agitated man with a tone for even a moment. The calf is leaving the tail in the river, the village is carrying two ropes on the rug, and flies by feeding the fish, fishermen fishes from the fishermen's fishermen's fishermen, and they are catching fish in the water, the boys are laughing in the water, the girls make loud stories of loud voices. In doing so, the banyan tree is expanding the bore area by rubbing it in two hands, waist Occasionally, in the absence of the cloak itself, it was imposed on itself; Whenever it is necessary to eat tobacco, he himself gets up and running - when he has to turn his back, he has done it efficiently.

On the eve of the evening, Annapurna called Tarpad and asked, "What do you eat at night?"

Tarapada said, "I get what you eat; Do not eat all the days. "

In the hospitality of this beautiful Brahmanbaraka, he started giving indifference to indifference. He will satisfy his old desire and satisfy this poorly loved child. But he did not find any results of what would be his pleasure. Annapurna called for the servants to buy milk from the village and then congratulated them to buy a dhumdham. Tarpad was eaten on maturity, but milk did not eat. Motilal Babu also requested him to milk his mouth; He said briefly, "I do not like."

Two or three days passed on the river. Tarapada raddha bara, from being marketed to boating, all the work involved voluntarily and actively. Any scenes that come before his eyes, the curiosity of his orphanage is turned on, any act that comes to his hands, and then he is attracted to you. His eyesight, his hand, his mind is always in motion; For this reason, he is always at peace with this nature, but always active. Humans alone have their own independent residence; But there is no relation with the specter of the eternal stream of eternal eternity - the future of the future - its only work to move forward.

In the meantime, he joined many communities in many ways, and he had mastered many types of entertainment. Without being overwhelmed by any kind of thought, all the wonders of his cleansed memories would have been easily printed. The pamphlet, storytelling, kirtanagan, jagativinera's longest collections were in his vocals Motilalabu Babu was once a day reading his wife and daughter in Ramayana; Beginning of the talk of excellence, at that time, Tarapat did not get encouraged, but came down from the roof of the boat and said, "Keep the book. I sing songs of praise, you listen. "

With that he started the five-storey pistol. Dasuara's insufflation went on ragingly like a bamboo; All the bearded men came near to the door and got stuck; Laughter and music began to flow in the evening of the riverbank, a wonderful stream of water - two calm areas were turned into Kutuhali; all the boats running along the side of them were anxious for a moment and were stunned. When it was finished, everyone thought of sighing in pain, why did it end in itself.

Sajlanna did not want Annapurna, she put her boy in the lap and pressed her head. Motilalababu thought, 'If you can keep this boy close to him, then the lack of the son is fulfilled.' The heart of Charushishi only became full of envy and animosity.

(Here is the end of part 2)

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