Translation Failure

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When translating through a number of languages, it is always best to use the original source, otherwise, the outcome will be completely different from the intended message.


Using Google Translate, we can do a simple test. The Prime Cleric announces The Messiah has returned to judge the nations.

From English to Chinese


From Chinese to Russian


From Russian to Spanish


From Spanish to Turkish


From Turkish to German


From German back to English


The high priest declared that Christ would be put to the test

As you can see, translating through a number of languages loses the original message.

The Prime Cleric announces The Messiah has returned to judge the nations.

Unfortunately, the popular modern English Bibles have gone through a similar process from; Hebrew/Aramaic - Greek - Latin - Old English - Middle English...

Fortunately, we can go back to the original Hebrew/Aramaic sources, and translate straight into modern English.

More End Times Information:

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Amazin Bro, Thanks A Lot.

Oooo wow,
This is a well given experiments.
The message was in fact negatively distorted.

I agree with you @prime-cleric.
We need to go back to the source of things sometimes in order to understand more about it.

great bro

why failure


It doesn't help that Google Translate is very poor. It'd be better if it was easier to learn every language out there so there weren't mistranslations! That would take years, though...

Overcoming the barrier of the Tower of Babel even with the help of computer science is a challenge for man. Receive my affections @prime-cleric

Yes, this makes so much sense! I am glad I was taught this when I came to Lord RayEl and put it to the test. I was amazed how twisted the message has gotten.

Nice blog sir ooossssaaamm

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I'll be glad when we all speak 1 language.

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It's like the game of telephone...