Proud Illustrator for Transition Denmark!

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I just received the finished, printed version of the Danish "Practical Guide to Transition" aka "Den Praktiske Guide til Omstilling".


I did the front page illustration and small black and white illustrations for each chapter.


I did the illustrations in the spirit of the gift. Transition is a cause I would like to support and I am happy that I could do it this way!


The book is a practical guide with tools that can help a group work together with Transition projects and is in big parts translated from the existing English guide.


The Transition Network was initiated in 2009 by Rob Hopkins in Totnes, England, which became the world's first Transition Town.
It started as a reaction towards the end of fossil fuels and the global climate changes and asked the question of how we can create a world without fossil fuels, in greater harmony with the world around us and between people in local communities.


Transition Projects are usually characterised by incorporating the whole town or local community and range from everything like local currencies, urban gardens, open space workshops or any other kinds of practical workshops that gives tools to the local community to be more self sufficient, to work together in more sustainable ways.
It is also characterised by the believe that a fossil fuel free future (the 4 f's ;) ) can be better and more fun than the existing reality of how things have been working so far. It is not a doomsday prophecy but a hope for positive change!


These projects doesn't just help in the CO2 count, but also gives power to local businesses and communities and bring people together. It creates a feeling of being able to do something together and not just being a helpless individual controlled by big corporations.


So I am very happy that this movement has finally gotten its own translated guide in Denmark and to have contributed to it! I really hope to put it into use when I settle down somewhere one day!
There is currently around 1600 Transition Towns around the world!


If you want to learn more about the Transition Movement, I can really recommend this super inspiring documentary which lies for free on youtube:

Thank you for stopping by!

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Hello @frejafri, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Congrats on being the featured illustrator. I am sure that you are proud of your work. It is always nice to add value to projects that you believe in. Keep it up!

Happy for your success.

Namaste, JaiChai

This is wonderful! Congrats on your success!

Congratulations dear. Am sure the book will be interesting, inspiring and would help a group of people as a team.


as a follow Scandinavians am all on the transition. a feel like Denmark is good in thinking a head on a lot areas not only co2 but on not trowing out food etc we up in Norway is not so good yet....

Grattis! (I presume that works for general congrats and not just birthdays... please correct me if I'm wrong.)
Well done on your translation.


hehe, no not in Denmark, but in Swedish it would work yes :) Here we say Tillykke :P
Thank you :D


Ah, in Sweden they say Lykke til - for "good luck."
I've studied Norwegian a bit more than Swedish, but only enough to get myself truly in trouble in either country! (Which is why I sometimes spell words in the wrong language even if I have the word itself right - I think I was told once that I write Swedish with a Norwegian accent, lol.)

I have cousins who live in Blekinge and can read enough to (usually) work out what they said before I hit Google Translate - and even to occasionally argue with the translator! (Once, a friend of mine announced the birth of her baby in Swedish, and the only word I couldn't figure out on my own didn't translate on Google either!)
Beste hilsen!


hahaha, well then we were both wrong XD I thought they said Grattis in Sweden too, but I guess it's just Norway then :)
Well done to be as good as google translate! :D


I don't know many people in Norway. Actually, my Swedish cousins say "Grattis" - so I know it's right there.
Nah, not as good as translate, long ways from that!

Congrats @frejafri, awesome illustrations. I love the Transition project. 😊

beautiful illustrations, @frejafri <3 love the linearts in each of your pictures! my favourite is the bike :D

Congratulations @frejafri :) I had never heard of the "Transition Movement", but I must say that I love it!! It's something that has been a very long time coming! Your illustrations are pretty awesome too!