Transgender Parents Who Conceived Two Sons Naturally

I love their family and I don't see any problem about them as a parents. I know that their kids will be confuse when they grow up about their parents situation but I know they can explain it to their kids well when that time comes. For me, even though their parents situation is confusing, they are still parents who loves their kids so much so that's the point. Whatever their situation is as a parents, it doesn't matter as long as they are doing their best to be the better parents to their kids and raise them well. And, I am so proud of them because they are both open to talk about their lives to the public without any hesitation. They are real person inside and outside.


I dont know what happen to peoples they are changing their genders and so much things people do around world

That is the reality that we have to face, I know this is sounds so ridiculous but what should we do? That was their decisions and their choice so there is nothing else we can do about that.

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