Relevant news update of the Transcendence project (Telos Coin - Bitcoin Subsidium)

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The collapse of the world-wide economy has affected almost everyone, especially cryptocurrencies but it is only the visionary and strong projects that will survive this crisis, the Transcendence project led by its flagship currency Telos Coin (TELOS) is seeing strong growth gradually regarding Bitcoin. In addition, it has taken preventive measures so that investors continue to enter the project.

4 days ago its CEO and main developer Pascal Papara announced the "Corona Weeks" in which they are selling a limited number of Bluebox Gold at a price of € 700 including VAT, for those who do not know blueboxes are modern bass boxes Consume that they host MasterNodes, the Gold edition contains a 100k MasterNode of TELOS, and if we go to the CoinMarketCap converter 100,000 TELOS are approximately $ 770 currently, which is a great investment opportunity, but everything does not end there thinking of all the measures. Pascal Papara said that the Bluebox Gold Corona Editions comes with free placement, that is, you do not need to send it since the Transcendence project will host it for free at no additional cost.


I will leave attached the official publication made in Discord so that they can see all the benefits offered by buying Bluebox Gold Corona Edition.


You can get your Bluebox Gold Corona Edition from the following sites:

Getting a little off the topic they have announced the release of version of the TELOS wallet so take all the necessary steps to update your wallet.

To get the news and progress of the project in real time join their social networks, I personally suggest using Telegram or Discord since they will be able to speak and ask their questions directly to their official team.

BlueBox Website
Transcendence Website
Community Discord
Community Telegram

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