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From the True Legends Conference 3 Hours of Live Stream

As it was yesterday on the CHAOS Show, I will bring knowledge and entertainment to today's edition of Frequency Waves by showing live stream presentations from the True Legends Conference in Branson, MO which is ongoing until tomorrow.

But entertaining?

Both speakers, Richard Dolan and eccentric Professor Hugo de Garis deliver an amazing amount of knowledge in an easy to follow, engaging and entertaining manner. Dolan's UFO subject is in and of itself entertaining. De Garis' presentation borders on hilariously entertaining, even though it is Giga-Death serious.

Presentation 1:

Richard Dolan – UFOs and Transhumanism: The Reality and the Illusion

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s foremost ufologist researchers. He has published works on all aspects of the UFO phenomenon, including the ongoing government cover-up, contact, and abduction, the science behind UFO technology, how the phenomenon has affected world culture, his theory of a breakaway civilization, the implications of Disclosure, and the possible relationship between artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and ufology.

Presentation 2

Hugo de Garis – The Artilect War: Who Should Rule, Men or Machines?

Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis is the former director of the Artificial Brain Lab (ABL) at Xiamen University in China, and a world-famous expert and developer of artificial intelligence. In his highly acclaimed book, The Artilect War, Dr. de Garis predicts a future conflict concerning the construction of godlike, massively intelligent machines, called “artilects”. His book asks the question: “Do we build gods, or do we build our potential exterminators?”

True Legends - Transhumanism & The Hybrid Age was organized by Steve Quayle of Gensix Productions. Click on the links to explore further.

I have obtained written permission to re-stream parts of the True Legends Conference to my audience. For your own VOD access or to order DVDs, please visit

Please join me for another relaxing and entertaining Saturday, wherever you are!

I look forward to seeing you all later on Discord/
Be there or be nowhere!


Starting at

  • 9 pm UTC
  • 3 pm EDT
  • 4 pm CDT
  • 3 pm PDT

for a relaxing and informative 3-hour show with this Saturday afternoon.

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Let us explore the mysteries of frequencies during the show. Everything is Frequency:

Energy, Information, Life.

Frequency waves can alter our physical and our mental state. Frequencies can heal – and they can kill. They are used by doctors and by the military.

We shall dive into the fascinating world of Frequencies on an enjoyable and relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Listen to a wide variety of music genres to appreciate the beauty of the Golden Frequency: 432 Hz.

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Thank you for reading.



Relaxing?!! CHAOS Show last night was scary!!
I'm rooting for relaxing and entertaining. And a hot stone massage.
And a nap.
But that's a different story.
One thing though; the bottom of the post says that Frequency Waves starts at 3pm Central. I thought it starts at 4pm Central.
Please, to confirm.

Well spotted Jane! It's 4 pm... It's rectified...
My oh my - must be the (lack of) glasses..... and it ain't booze

Well, it is shocking, informative, entertaining. Relaxing perhaps not as much, unless you add cheese cake and a kitty cuddle... But wait - is that kitty a robanimal?

I don't know if I can do kitty cuddles, but I hear owlies are pretty soft and cuddly. 😁

Adorable, big-eyed feather balls.

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