Shaman Knowledge : Trance Music - Travel to the sun / Schamanenwissen: Trancemusik - Reise zur Sonne (music by @schamangerbert)

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Dear Steemians! / Liebe Steemians!

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The journey to the sun

This song is one of my favorite pieces, and part of each shaman session with me. Take yourself 10 minutes time to compete in a comfortable position with a straight back and eyes closed, the journey to the sun. Once there, you circle it a few times and then return. Trace the journey for a few minutes. By entering into these sounds, all the cells of your body are charged with energy and harmonized. The sound of the sun is the most sacred tone in Indian music.

Instruments: Didgeridoo and Shruti-Box

You may write your "travel" in the comments.

Die Reise zur Sonne

Dieses Lied ist eines meiner absoluten Lieblingsstücke und Teil einer jeden Schamanensitzung bei mir. Nimm Dir 10 Minuten Zeit um in einer bequemen Position mit aufrechtem Rücken und geschlossenen Augen die Reise zur Sonne anzutreten. Dort angekommen umrundest du sie ein paar Mal und kehrst dann wieder zurück. Spüre der Reise ein paar Minuten nach. Durch das Einlassen auf diese Klänge werden alle Zellen Deines Körpers mit Energie aufgeladen und harmonisiert. Der Ton der Sonne ist der heiligste Ton in der indischen Musik.

Instrumente: Didgeridoo und Shruti-Box

Gerne kannst du deine "Reise" in die Kommentare schreiben.

Video 7 minutes

Bis nächstes Mal! / See you next time!

Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit! / Thank you for your attention!

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fantastic sound my friend, well i just felt like a grinding sound and vibes in that sound starting from my head and penetrates deep into my body, ya that sound really charged the body tissues and i feels great after listening it.

Wonderful to discover a fellow shamanic healer here :)


Hello! I am not shamanic, I am a shaman.

wow that's fantastic really awesome video thanks for sharing this master piece :)

You inspired me to take some time and check out some more Didgeridoo tracks and recordings. I love the instrument, tried to play it when I was in Aussie a long time ago, but I failed miserably. Next step: Listen to this track when not writing comments to Steemit posts, like this one and enjoy the meditation and relaxation.

Dein Tätigkeitsbereich/Aktionsradius ist sehr interessant und umfangreich - klasse.

I just googled the instruments! amazing! I saw Didgeridoo in Amsterdam:) good for your lungs:)

It's very relaxing and therapeutic, makes me calm.

Danke dir!

mind soothing sound <3

really its fine enthusic music, just relax and hear to feel the rythom to touch the mind.

This is just an Um or OOm sound.
I change frequency of musics to 528hz that it sounds
good to me ^^


If you tune A = 444HZ, C would equal 528.1HZ.
But for what reason you would do that if you find 8 hours sounds on youtube with this frequency.

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Great post.Don't stop sharing.i want to see of luck.

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thanks Captain,It was not an easy task huhu. but I'll try again.thank you for your patience...thanks for sharing




It is a copy from one of your comments :) I will flag him to 0 :)


I know haha oh boy@#
forgive him, hehehe

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