There is a train in the park

in traininthepark •  2 months ago


Not a little train on which you sit your child and it goes for a ride....

No a full grown train is making its way through the park.

As it is still early and I am not a morning person I have mixed feelings about this.....

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Toot Toot!

It's a sign.


dame....I havent seen it like that yet...I am willing to take that straw though :-)


Wooty woot!

😱😱😱The picture is really beautiful....and lovely dear friend

very beautiful park!

Very nice.

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Time to hop into that ;) good to enjoy time in that

Great.. The train is running - little train. Photography is very nice.

where else is the train meant to be?

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How will you not have mixed feelings @flipstar? if the view is beautiful! to approach that train would be like a great alternative for a great mysterious trip, full of surprising and dark things