US-Thai war games where soldiers guzzles cobra blood

in training •  2 years ago  (edited)

American and Asian soldiers were gathered playing with adventurer games, flexibg muscles in the latest cobra cold-war games, where some participants will have to drink cobra snake blood.

images (1).jpeg

Arnies games begin in the Korat, Thailand, where military personnels from different countries ( US, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Malaysia), joined stress shooting and ambitious strong assault training.

There are around 7000 troops taking part in 10-day tournament, its more of a competition than game.

images (2).jpeg

Troops were taught how to catch Animals, how can you survive in danger zones of jungles or amazones, they were briefed to how to deal with dangerous animals, such as, Scorpion, lions tigers etc...

The Cobra-event put troops through their paces, at hat yao Beach on saturday.

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