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What is training
All of us should be trained. Training will develop our skills, increase our standard and benefit us as well from several angles.
First of all we have to know the meaning of training.
The meaning of training is- Be able to work in a special subject by teaching them in the right direction. or be able to work by acquiring knowledge and practicing it.

Education and training are the different things.
At this stage we have to remember that, education and training not are the same things.

  • Education is a comprehensive and general process of acquiring knowledge. On the other hand, Training is the process of achieving the real experience and skill of performing tasks and responsibilities in a beautiful manner.
  • Education is the recovery process of developing the talent and the training is to build up your talent and intelligence by performing specific tasks and responsibilities.
  • Education is to develop the knowledge and intelligence and training is to develop the standard.
  • Education is the process of navigation in the kingdom of knowledge.and training is the process of achievement of strategies in implementing the knowledge.
  • Education is person specified. The purpose of education is the overall and integrated development of body, mind and soul of a person.
    Training is a functional one. The purpose of training is to achieve the qualifications, skills and outlook for performing good actions.

The purposes of training.
We got a concept about the purposes of training from the discussion. But the purposes of training is more extensive and broad. Basically training can be related with all fields and all actions of life. Training should be given and accepted in all actions. As the target of training is different.
The purposes of training are:

  1. Professional skills development.
  2. Competence development in responsibility.
  3. Modification and development of attitudes and to create positive attitude.
  4. Correcting and developing behavior
  5. Information gathering, information enrichment and knowledge development.
  6. Moral and character improvement.
  7. Spritual progress.
  8. Management development.
  9. Creating confidence & responsibility awareness.
  10. Personality development.
  11. Strategy development and create creative skills.
  12. Communication, effectiveness and to create motivation skills.
  13. Crating the competency in the field of teaching.
  14. Expected improvement.
  15. Identification of problems, complexity removal, situation control and decision making skills.
  16. Creating awareness.
  17. Creating ability and mentality to serve.
  18. Creating mood balance.
  19. Helping to be visionary, dynamic, intelligent, responsible and obedient.

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Thank you apu. apnader support pele emni emni vlo hoye zai sob.

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Wow a great post for learner and for making career on deferent ways.

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