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If you own a website or even a webpage or affiliate links, building traffic to it is very complicated and boring. But if you have encountered traffic exchangers like I did, you won't be bored surfing different websites in return for a favor that they will surf yours as well.

Here are top traffic exchangers that I'm using to drive traffic to my websites.

  1. TrafficG - G for generation. As a free member, you can surf and promote unlimited websites with a surfing ratio of 1:1, meaning you visit 1 website in exchange for 1 visit for your website, sounds fair enough. You have access to geographical surfing, meaning for example, you want only from North America to visit your website, you can adjust the settings for every website you submit to them. There's a lot more of surprises and features as you sign up with them for free.

  2. EasyHits4U - This traffic exchangers allows you to mingle with other traffic exchangers like in a social network, and you get paid to surf as well. You surf for 1:1 for 20 seconds timer or 2:1 meaning for every 2 websites that you visit, you received 1 visit for your website for 15 seconds, well the difference is only 5 seconds. I'll go for 1:1 surfing.

  3. Webmasterquest - It's 1:1 traffic exchanger, 20-second timer with geotargeted traffic to your website. This is where you can meet other webmasters too that owns a website or a gazillion of them. Lots of online activities that you can do while waiting for that 20-second timer which earns you more traffic.

  4. Ts25 - Traffic Syndicate 25 has 160,000 members who are your prospects online that are interested in buying from you.

All traffic exchangers allows you to drive traffic to your website and gets paid for them. Now a traffic exchanger needs a companion and they are so-called rotators, meaning you get tired changing web urls, that's why you only promote 1 web url and all of your links rotates on that url.

  1. Free Rotator - Allows you to have unlimited websites in unlimited rotators also has a paid membership but the free membership already outweighs them all but the catch is you carry a 468x60 banner on top of your websites which is quite fair for me. Here's my rotator, test if you like

  2. JoeGeo - as the name implies, this free rotator allows you to rotate your website in specific continents or even countries that you only like. For example, you want your site only visited by people from the United Kingdom, you can set it up like so plus it allows you to automatically sell you remaining traffic to other members in the form of an auction. Here's my rotator, test if you like.

Well, test them all out, do anything and everything online that will earn you traffic. Be desperate for traffic.

Here are my two splash pages that I drive traffic to. #1 and #2

I'm also a membrer of auto-surfs:

  1. 10Khits - This is where your traffic will surely explode at 5K/second traffic if you want. The sky is the limit. People laugh at me when I tell stories about these traffic exchangers, oh by the way, this is where I got my first online sales so it's not a laughing matter but serious tools that you can actually profit from.

  2. AutoSurfPro - As the name suggest, you just leave it online for a whole night and tomorrow morning you increased your Alexa ranking and google page rank, but it's not advisable to run these autosurfs together with your google adsense or you will be banned from google adsense.

  3. AutoSurfJunction - a good way to drive traffic to your non-google adsense websites just if you're looking to build up your alexa ranking, and have it a website that loads fast.

  4. Ebesucher - An autosurfs plus a email exchange. It works for me but for now it's my first time to promote it here on steemit, so this must be special.

They are a beauty and an invaluable tool that you can use to drive traffic to your website. It's impossible not to get like 5,000 visitors per day with these tools. So see you again for a next blog.

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