Some unique traditional sports #1

Indonesia stores traditional sporting treasures, almost every provincial region represents a traditional sport.

Welcoming the Independence Day of Republic Indonesia is usually a variety of traditional sports in the students and even ordinary people. There are some interesting sporting moments that are contested like:

1. Shootout with Pillow


This sport is held on a river, sitting on a tree that crosses a small river.Game rules, who falls into the river then he will lose.This traditional sport is not only for students, but for mothers and fathers.

Pull mine



The sport is using ropes, in 2 directions, every 12 or 20 participants.

Game rules

Who passes the pull line, then he will be disqualified.

3. Pinang Climbing


Different from the above 2 sports, Pinang climbing gets a direct reward for the participants.

How to Play

The betel nut is lubricated, the gift is placed at the top.Number

Number of participants

5 or 6 people.Different, this sport is a cultural treasures

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