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Kuozo is a really interesting plant, I wonder how it looks while still growing on the field, with its leaves and all. It's my first time hearing of this plant and the paper, really.

It must have felt amazing being surrounded by all those "kuozo goodness". I guess that experience has made you appreciate Washi papers even more. I feel like we do get a kind of deeper connection (or maybe appreciation?) of the things we use when we get to witness all the work that goes into making them and even being a part of it.

I am pretty sure the regular papers in my country aren't made out of petroleum. And hearing of papers made out of petroleum is pretty new to me. I wonder why most of these people ditched making these kind of paper for the plastic type, really. Is the petroleum type easier to produce?


Kouzo is such a look!
It grows to about 3 meters in a year😃

Washi has few mechanical work, there are many people's passion and love there.
The craftworkers who make washi are really decreasing, so I appreciate their efforts.

Japan lost the war 80 years ago and the oil industry dominated most of the japanese economy,
So almost all the nature's culture that was in Japan was denied, and everything was changed to petroleum while people did not know…
So in Japan almost all of paper, clothes and food are using petroleum😞

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Oh... It is a really nice looking plant. And you said it has an amazing smell too? Does the paper retain the smell after it has been manufactured?

Manufacturing Washi seems more like a labor of love. I appreciate the bravery and passion of those that still work on manufacturing it.

I know really little about Japanese history but its just so sad that they lost their culture along with the war... Hopefully, it will get better...

After becoming Washi there is not much fragrance, However there are many kinds of Washi, so some kinds have a little fragrance😊

Yeah, I think I will keep on posting good for keeping the Japanese tradition…
Thank you for reading!

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Wouldn't it be a pleasure to draw or write on a fragrant paper? Every minute of using such paper will greatly be appreciated. 😊 it is sad though that it looses that fragrance in the manufacturing process, but it is all good, yeah?