Tradingene:The first blockchain-based algorithmic trading platform

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Tradingene is the first blockchain-based program which offers a trading opportunity through creating trading algorithms on this platform or invest in some well-performing algorithm. The idea is simple but unique where anyone can invest his money with multiple investing options. Though new but this program is thoroughly tested with more than 2,000 algorithms created on the platform by approximately 300 creators. To improve the performance and robustness of the system there were more than 50,000 back-tested sessions carried out. Development of this program has witnessed some serious efforts from the team which gives all the reasons to invest in it.

What kind of relevant support is provided by Tradingene?
So far we have only come to know about what Tradingene actually does. Now we will explore few of its supporting activities to facilitate the participants. It facilitates the users to do algorithmic trading on traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides user friendly and advanced web-based interface for creating algorithms. A source for providing educational assistance to shed light on algo theories and blockchain technology is also provided here. All of these practices ensure that the users should get positive, friendly and rewarding experience from this platform. by offering serious efforts it offers a transparent environment where everyone can create algorithms and trade them with transparency.

How developers earn money using Tradingene?
The process of earning for the developers on this platform is very simple. They only have to create their algorithm, test it for performance and put it up for auction to raise money. Every algorithm on the platform is put to auction where investors provide capital for its launching. The transactions are made on the investors’ accounts.
What is trading algorithm?
Those who are familiar with forex or crypto trading, have an idea about trading algorithm because it’s a common tool for traders these days. It’s a programming code developed to help the traders in automatically executing their trades. The algo offers them different scenarios which the traders have to opt, they don’t have to be on the algo all the time. On meetin certain conditions set by the traders, the trade is executed. In more simplified words, it is an automated trading where no human interaction is required.
How much secure is the investor?
Security is the primary feature of this platform. Investors are secured from everyone. Even the creator can’t access the investor’s account. Creator’s role is limited to developing and testing the algorithm.
Why Tradingene is more efficient than its competitors?
Its competitors are Ninjatrader, Metatrader, Tradestation, Bloomber to name a few. While comparing this platform from its competitors we should give it an advantage because every algo is tested before being put to an auction. Secondly, creators don’t need to put their own money upfront, rather it is developed through the funds collected from the investors. So there are two benefits, firstly you don’t have to invest your money, secondly you raise money by putting your project up for an auction.


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