PoloTrex.com v1.4 Update: All coins now, custom alerts

in #trading5 years ago (edited)

Updated my tiny price monitoring service to v1.4 Link: http://polotrex.com/

New features:

  • now all coins from Poloniex and Bittrex available from top select box;
  • coins are sorted by poloniex 24h volume, default coin is the 1-st coin;
  • custom 5m volume sound alerts now;
  • added marketcap link for each coin.

Features list:

  • good for arbitrage usage;
  • realtime poloniex, bittrex (bitfinex, kraken and yunbi for ETC, ETH) prices, volumes and orders with order grouping;
  • 5 min volume shows current exchanges activity;
  • sound alerts on 5m volume movement;
  • minimalistic design, good for mobile devices.

Accepting feature requests in comments! =)


Put a Donate link somewhere. If people use it, they may pay a little for it.

yup. I will definitely donate if I make anything because of these alerts :)

Added, thanx =)

Приложение планируешь?

А чем не устаревает мобильный браузер?

у меня не такой молодой телефон и хром на нём неторопливо работает,а приложения обычно быстрее

Чаще всего приложения - это те же веб странички, просто без адресной строки.

are the green values the buy volume and red the sell volume?

it would be nice if the alert can be set individually on buy or sell

What you mean, custom sound?

no. but a different sound fo reach would be great as well.

So when I hear a sound I don't know if what is big is the sell or buy volume. It would be great if I can know before I check if its the sell volume went up or the buy volume went up. I have 8 windows open so it would be great if I know what happened without checking the alert and going straight to poloniex's tab.

Yes, if you would download Bitcoin Checker on Android phone..its a good example of two different sounds.

One thing that would be great is...some kind of way to mix and match? For example, If am only interested in Poloniex prices, so why not have multiple coins from Poloniex on the same page? Or even mix and match exchanges and coins etc. Dunno how hard this is to implement, so Im just throwing it out there.

I will donate soon but you should consider making it a subscription based service when all is in place :)

Newbie question: How does this 5 minute volume work? I mean, it updates every 10 seconds, so is it the average of the last 5 minutes, or weighted average, or... what?