PoloTrex.com v1.3 Update: 2 new exchanges for ETC and ETH + alerts

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Updated my tiny price monitoring service to v1.3 Link: http://polotrex.com/


New features:

  • now 5 exchanges for ETC and ETH pairs, Bitfinex and chinese Yunbi added;
  • sound alerts, when 5min Volume > 0.5% from 24h Volume.

Features list:

  • good for arbitrage usage;
  • realtime poloniex, bittrex (bitfinex, kraken and yunbi for ETC, ETH) prices, volumes and orders with order grouping;
  • 5 min volume shows current exchanges activity;
  • sound alerts on big 5m volume movement;
  • minimalistic design, good for mobile devices.

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Thank for adding ETC and Yunbi, alerts is awesome

Thank you friend! very useful and necessary information !!! Cool!

Some ideas that could take 5minutes to implement:
-User settable threshold for alerts
-Different sound for BUY/SELL alerts

you do programming like this !? contact me .. [email protected]

could contact me to exchange some ideas and projects! wait .. [email protected]

Cool.... An Android ver will be nice