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MyOS is a community-based cryptocurrency exchange with a strong focus on user-friendliness and building a
sustainable crypto asset economy.

The MyOS platform is designed to resolve major pain points that are affecting mass adoption. It will bridge
the high-tech blockchain world with that of traditional finance and offer an intuitive user experience coupled
with a knowledge-sharing and trading community.

The MyOS firmly believes that a significant knowledge gap exists between the crypto space and the sphere
inhabited by the majority of society. To help drive cryptocurrency adoption, we will build a communityoriented
marketplace where people can safely trade digital assets and educate themselves on all things

MyOS will form an end-to-end trading platform that is characterised by zero fees for its first three years and
powered by a native token that performs a range of useful functions. The MyOS token (MYOS) will operate as
an ERC20 token on the ethereum network and that can be stored in compatible wallets such as MyCrypto and
MetaMask, in addition to being stored and used on the MyOS platform. The token will enable users to trade
cryptocurrencies and to increase their MYOS holdings through sharing valuable knowledge with the

In May 2018 a private pre-sale for the MyOS token will be held. This private sale round will be accessible to a
selected group of participants who are aligned with MyOS' mission and vision. Participants can apply for the
private round by signing up on the MyOS website ( Further details about the private sale launch will be communicated directly.

For participants, a certain minimum amount of ETH is mandatory to participate in the pre-sale round.
Participants will benefit from a 30% MYOS bonus in the pre-sale round. The public crowdsale will then be
hosted on 1st of September 2018. Precise details about the crowdsale round will be communicated aer
the private pre-sale round has finished.

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