Easy Money for Ethereum holders

in trading •  2 years ago

Hey guys,

Almost everybody in Crypto knows there was a hardfork in Ethereum-land just a week ago.

Today something unbelievable happened. Poloniex added trading for the loosing chain, which is still alive.

Now the great thing for all holders of Ether at the point of the hardfork.
You have got 1 ETC (Ethereum classic) per Ether!!!

The main question burning a hole in every holders pocket: How can I simply and fast sell these ETC-coins without being in risk of loosing my regular Ether-tokens?

The simple and secure solution is sending the Ether to Poloniex. After depositing them you have automatically both coins separeted. Now you can sell your ETC coins.

For your regular ethers (ETH). You should send them back to a newly created address in Mist/Ethereum wallet.
That´s it. Secure and simple. I converted all my ether and send them back. No replay attack, nothing.

One last tip, hurry up. The majority of the holders haven´t figured it out yet or are to scared. But when they realise how easy it is, the price will decrease significant.

Congratulations for the free money and have a nice day

Greetinx Volka

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So that's where my ETC came from lol


Of course there are always two sides of the medal ;-)

Hmm didn't work for me. After you send you ether, are you supposed to see the ETC balance?


Yes. You send them to polo and there will show up 2 deposits. In the history you will see 2 transactions also.

Following you!