Milton Friedman - Predicted Bitcoin in 1999

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Much like the early days of the internet, optimists are hopeful that the solution to many of society’s most innate, yet deceivingly complex challenges has recently arrived in the form of blockchain technology. Blockchain is disrupting the world.

Milton Friedman - Predicted Bitcoin in 1999

Milton Friedman was an American economist who received the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and the complexity of stabilization policy.

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It's interesting how ideas about the future aren't given much importance until they become reality and change the world, then once they are cliche the whole world jumps on the bandwagon whether they understand it or not. Those who put effort into ideas like bitcoin early on before it proved itself were handsomely rewarded.

Thats the point no one gives attention to anything until it becomes a reality.

some nonsense or crazy ideas 20 yrs ago is now a reality. guess the world is actually crazy place huh...

20 years back it was predicted. Now it's reality.
And in upcoming years we can see all the countries will develop there own crypto or will authorise existing crypto as there many e-cash.
And good thing is that many countries already started the process of authorising crypto as there e-cash.
Thanks for sharing this article.

@tradewonk, For sure these words are really matching with today's Concept and for sure these kind of Mindful forecasts are really appreciable.

And now we entered into the Economy of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, yes there are obstacles but which path doesn't have so we have to showcase patience. Stay blessed. 🙂

ahaan and now his prediction have become truth and we are dealing with bitcoin.

Yes, internet is a revolution. Though it has some negative effect too, but positive impact are more.

Cryptos was predicted, alot of us missed it. In predicting the future, what do you think is missing now in today's world of e-comunication that could be the trending stuff of tomorrow?

He forsaw the future and if you've been abservant,you'wid have seen that it was cristo-clear we were driving towards this direction all this while. This is another beautiful one mr @tradewonk ,i just upvoted you

n predicting the future, what do you think is missing now in today's world of e-comunication

Crypto is making it happen

Wowwww really amazing 👍 milton friedman prediction is true 👍

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