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Sorry, I'm afraid it's not 'We don't talk about Trading Club' :-)

Well actually that's kinda true. You'll find that most successful traders when they find a good system, they keep that shit to themselves ! It's a zero sum game after all and if everyone is making money then it means less money for them. Just something to bare in mind when people are sharing their awesome TA skills... If it was so great they'd just be doing it themselves and making bank, not boasting about it on the internet....

So anyway, the first and most important rule of trading is 'capital preservation'. In other words, don't lose money !

I know, it's common sense, but there's a good reason for it. Your capital is a tool, and the bigger the tool the more force you can apply with it.

Have you ever read the biography of a billionaire ? They always have the same prologue -

"I built my empire from nothing, all I had to start with was a small loan of $100 million from my father"

Yeah, no shit. If your making returns of 2% per annum, I think I'd rather have 2% of a million bucks than 2% of ten bucks.

The advantage of having capital is it gives you power to make decisions, decisions that can increase your capital. That's why I can't get my head around this crypto idea where everyone ties their capital up in some coin that's diving, and then pray for 5 years in the hope it will go back up. What if it doesn't ?

Successful traders use stop losses. At some point you have to just take the loss on the chin and move on to something else that's going to make you money, not lose it. You need to keep your capital working for you.

Do you think a hedge fund keeps a stock in its portfolio if it's losing them money ? Hell no, they ditch it and replace it with one that's going to make them money. They don't just hide with their head under the covers and hope it will just turn out all right in the end.

If you sink all your capital into something that's losing you money, not only are you losing money but you are also losing any power that your capital brings you.

What if you're completely invested in a dud, too scared to get out, and you spot an amazing new crypto come out that's really going places ? Some new invention or network, the next big thing and everyone is making a fortune on it ?

Well tough luck, all your money is tied up in some shitcoin somewhere decreasing your capital by the minute. You have lost the ability to make decisions and are now a slave to your bad investment.

It's much better to get out of a bad situation, lose a little, but live to fight another day. You have to pay to play, and if you have no capital then you can't play. And if you can't play, you can't make money.

You need to let your capital work all the time, and do absolutely everything in your power to preserve it at all cost. And preserving usually means taking losses. A $10 loss is better than a $1000 loss, because you'll have $990 more power for the next trade.

I'm not saying you shouldn't hold anything, especially if it's making you money ! That's the whole point, but it's madness holding something long term that's losing you money, even if it's only stopping you from making decisions or investing in something else.

It's such common sense I can't understand why other people can't see it. If I buy something and it tanks, I cut it dead and move on. Then the huge profit on next trade more than makes up for the small loss. My capital is either 'free', meaning I have the power to make decisions with it, or it's making me money. That's the only two options.

Sorry this was a bit 'ranty', but every day I read posts of people hodling their positions and literally praying for good news. That's not investing, that's gambling, and not being good at it either. Even professional gamblers know when to reinforce good runs and scale back on bad ones.

Preserve your capital at all costs. Even if it's not making you money, if it's not tied up in something bad then you have the power to make future decisions with it. Don't be a slave to your bad investments.

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This system you describe works so well, in theory. I used to use it, but I found that I have an even more powerful system: I possess the ability to control the markets!

Why is ADA a top 10 coin? I'll tell you why, because I got tired of my ADA not moving and sold it, that's why! That single act caused ADA to shoot up! I did it, it was all me. Why did Unobtainium keep rising throughout the bear market? Easy, I sold mine! Why does LBRY just keep on slowly decreasing? Because I still hold it? Why does Golem keep on slowly decreasing? Because I still hold it? Why did SAFEX crash and delist off Bittrex? Because I bought it! Why is Neblio doing well now? Because I sold most of mine! And Walton? Same reason!

Those are but a few examples. Rest assured, the markets are not random, I control them!

I'm thinking of getting people to pay me to trade. If you want cheap NEO, you come and pay me a hefty fee and I buy NEO. That will drop the price for sure! If you want LTC to Moon then you pay me the fee again and I'll sell my LTC. Instant LTC Moon for sure!

lol, at least you're not bitter about it :-)

Ha ha! Indeed. I hodl now, not because I believe in coins, but because I know what will happen the second I sell mine!

if you want to make money just do what your broker does. Every time you're convinced it's a 'sell' just buy instead :-)

I don't mean you, but I laugh when people say 'every trade I make loses money' and I think, well I wish I knew what your trades were because I'd be taking the opposite positions lol

Keep your eyes open, I posted a few of mine last week in my "shopping cart" post. That information is more valuable than gold I tell you!

I hope one of them wasn't Ripple ;-)

DEFINITELY no Ripple! Ever. 😂

You're not a fan ? I only mentioned it because I had a squawk earlier saying crowd sentiment was at an extreme level, something like 96%of people are long on it. Meaning it should drop :-)

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this is super important! don't lose your capital. use a stop loss. i keep telling people this and few weeks later they come back and tell you they blew their accounts bcos they didn't use a stop loss!

@tradergurl I think we both went to the same trading school, cause you wrote that as I would have written it, had I been assed to do so. Good job. Gonna resteem this as it saves me the bother of writing about it :).

you should write about it as well, get some of those lovely Steem dollars (or a tiny fraction of a percent of one like I do :-) he he