eos btc up to 180% potential profit

in trading •  6 months ago

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Crazy market oh yeah crazy market!

Tool: TradingViews
Exchange: Binance
Market: EOS BTC
Timeframe: 1D

bum bum bum.....

Let's have a look to the chart

After 3 months dowwntrend seems ready to rock and roll
we have been half month on strong support and now seems to breakout with over 18% profit for early birds

here we see mac d divergence opening
DMI divergence signal
RSI break
Stock opening and pushing up

but what now?

Well we could have a pullback to the support and then go up again....
Adivise is that you monitor EOS and wait if pullback
then you can enter between 7000 and 7500 satoshi with a stop loss on 6500 total stop loss 8% (of trade) 2% max of bakroll

let's put like this
with a 10.000$ bankroll you open position with a 2500$ and if you hit stop loss you lose 200$ = 2% of total roll

you can take profit on 9000 is 25% profit = 625 usd is 1/3 risk ratio.... BOOM!
you can take profit on 11200 is 55% profit= 1375 usd is 1/6.5 ratio.... BOOM!
you can take profit on 15600 is 115% profit = 2925 you never seen it before :D
you can take profit on 20.000 is 185% profit= 4625 this is huge goal...

I use to take profit on varius step and leave 5/10% part of profit there (infinite roi)

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