Steem in a big fat falling wedge

in #trading3 years ago


Makes sense why volume has diminished to a point of disgust. Seems like there's no life within Steem anymore. But by looking at the big picture you can kinda see why. I rarely do any TA (i dont trade on predicting) but i did find this pattern interesting... A falling wedge going all the way back to 2016/2017.


That's capitulation for ya :)

haha yeah...thats true. it's healthy right lol

Well we on the way up now peaked at 0.20 cents

De hecho Steem esta casi en all time lows, recuerdo empezando cuando valia $0.12 USD hace mas de 2 años. El mercado bajista le ha afectado mucho.
Eso si, creo que en el proximo mercado alcista va a revivir fuerte, veo que se usa mucho como estilo blog y cuando Bitcoin y las criptos esten en boca de todos otra vez, va a retomar un poco el hype.


asi es...contra el USD estamos casi en esa minima. Ha habido mucho desarollo technologico en el chain me parece que podra ayudar mucho en su valorizacion como los SMTs y Steem Engine.

Si, eso tambien, los SMTs y la forma en la que esta aportando Steem Engine, creo que falta ver como lo recibe la gente

It's still relatively new in terms of crypto environments. Bitcoin is over 10 years, but I think that the censor-proof nature of Steem attracts the wrong kind of people. Some people come here to try and promote racism and conspiracy theories but then expect Steem to have mass adoption, then wonder why the price of Steem drops.

Good point...that is why tribes and communities should be somewhat centralized and the chain itself (Steem) decentralized. Centralization is also important in my opinion so having a balance is key.

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Buenas amiga aqui mi visita para saludarla esperando este bien,muy buena su informacion pero ya el steem va subiendo,ojala llegue muy alto pronto,buendia

Amiga Feliz Navidad,que Dios la bendiga,saludos

Buenos días amiga deseo que se encuentre bien . Que le a pasado que no a publicado más . Cuídese de esta pandemia y que tenga un excelente día.

So buy sometime in the bottom of falling wedge and sell on the first mention of rising wedge! lol ? Looks like we're nearing exhaustion, i dunno? I buy low, this looks low and the pennies underneath look low too. Risky but we're here not there. Who knows according to your chart we could go all the way to zero for a few ticks and resurrect! The final capitulation wipe out may be next!! Hope not but your purple chart exclaims it!

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