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This is not looking good for Bitcoin (BTC)

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Why, man? I guess it is a fine and usual A-B-C correction and now we are on the wave C:

That is absolutely normal, that prices go up and down. If would be weird, if it was an opposite!


That's awesome, you're right



It's going to continue to drop throughout Feb maybe even into March, I suspect it'll drop to around $5-8.5k and sit on it for awhile before spiking up to $10k+ again


So you plan to buy then, what if it spikes up before then

I wouldn’t look technical analyses right now, beacuse there are so many FUD out there, and this is why the Bitcoin price and other coins prices are falling.

This is very serious .. but seriously why does this affect our sbd @solomon123


If Bitcoin continues to fall it will affect alts including steem

I have yet to see where these charts actually help predict where bitcoin is going unless its the next 30 seconds lol