Uncanny Movement of Ripple(XRP). The Secret to a 36000% Gain?

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Ripple's Boom recently created a lot of FOMO in the market. It had a return of 36018%. Such kinds of returns are extra ordinary and definitely prove that Crypto is the wild west of the financial markets.

But what if I told you one could have predicted the movement of the ripple from the pump till the crash?

Have a look at the charts below. The earlier movement is the rise and fall of XRP from May to August and the following movement is from December. The Blue shadow is the earlier movement of the candles. The recent crash followed the earlier foot steps. It's very uncanny how the recent movement follows the blue shadow.

Now, some might say that XRP may not crash further, but that all depends on the sentiments of the markets and some technical analysis.

My next post will mention my forecast of XRP using technical analysis so don't miss that!

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