Icon- The Coin of 2018, Ready for a Breakout?

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Icon has definitely helped a lot of people who made a lot of money by investing in the ICO. But as of now it is still a good buy. I truly believe that ICON will be one of the top contenders for 2018. Adn thanks to the Bitcoin bearish movement, it has given us non ICO investors a second change. Honestly Technical Analysis should not even matter for a long term hold , but for those traders who want a quick profit , or want a good entry points this post is for you.

Let's Get Started

5a91b998e2e58 (1).png

Currently it's trading at 0.00038305, it should hold this support. If it breaks and goes below 0.00036415 it may go lower and making it a better buy opportunity. But looking at the potential of this coin. The current price is good. Once it breaks 0.00040240 level we may see this coin flying. Currently there is a bollinger band squeeze and if the support is strong a breakout may be possible.

The next resistance is at 0.00050519.

This is not financial advice , please do your own research.

Do Let me know your comments and suggestion in the comment section!

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Nice analysis! And yeah if the BBs tighten up we should see some sort of a breakout to .0005 sats! Followed you since I just did a TA update for crypto as well!

Thanks man. Your analysis on Bitcoin looks good, hopefully the fib level is truly the last support for this down trend.

Yep hopefully!

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