Trading advice?

in trading •  2 years ago

Now that I'm interested and invested in the bitcoin realm, I was wondering if there's any youtubers or steemers out there etc who give out good trading advice for altcoins. So far I've watched a few of Crypt0's vids on youtube and think anything like that is perfect.

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Its a tough one isnt it. I would recommend staying away from new coins when they first appear on the market unless you get in really quick as almost always the price spikes then crashes. Also I would never (not now anyway lol) but a coin that is massively increasing in value. As when you buy in often it has hit its peak and starts plummeting. Of course this could be my own bad luck. I have done well looking at established coins and assessing their lows and highs and trying to place bids near their lows and selling when they bounce back up.

I will be fascinated to see what advice you get as I am interested too

Someone is bound to say Buy low, sell high! which is true but how do you know at what point to buy!

I think too that there is money to be made if you go in big. When I made some cash of shadowcoin I wished I could have afforded to buy more because I made fifty percent of my stake!

Don't take my advice I have no idea what I'm doing. I have mostly Bitcoin but a little Ethereum, StartCoin, Dash (which has done really good), Doge (for fun) and was thinking about buying some NXT. I might have a few others but Bitcoin and Steem are the best. I power up most of my Steem.

I'm not a trader by any means but I have a fairly good understanding how trading works. Sometimes I go and buy low and sell high and earn some extra bitcoins.
The fact of the matter is that with trading even the best traders can't predict what's going on behind the curtains. Trading is simply gambling. You just bet that some altcoin will worth more in the future. In reality most people loose their money. Specially new members.
I'll give you a better advice.. If you want to make money with crypto and you're new to this game just forget completely about trading and start writing good posts here on steemit.
As I've said I'm not a trader but sometimes get lucky with some altcoin. But the amount of crypto I made here would be impossible for me to win with trading.
Not to mention most altcoin are dead in terms of practicality. People just speculate upon a technology that could be profitable, when in fact most coins don't do nothing, you just hope they will be valuable.
With steem you can convert to steem power making it an active currency with real value. It's not just an amount you hold, your steem power works for you, unlike any other crypto coin out there.