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Today the world of crypto money from blockchain technology is developing very fast from embracing innovation. The crypto market also seems to be increasingly popular every day. With the improvement of cryptocurrency such as astronomical bitcoin and ethereum, etc. make people competing to set up digital currency exchanges
today I will try to give a review about the cryptocurrency exchange, Mainfinex


MainFinex is a decentralized exchange that is owned and controlled by all parties, so no centralized company has the right to hold customer funds. Money control is always in the hands of users thanks to the network structure of colleagues. Transactions occur between parties on the network using smart contracts that can only be controlled using the private key of the parties involved. Users are constantly monitoring their keys and personal capital through decentralized exchanges.


one of the most common problems is the lack of reliability and security of the system itself. I think you have repeatedly heard of such high profile statements when large sums of money were stolen from one or several other crypto exchanges. Total turnover which has long exceeded hundreds of millions of US dollars. The second most popular problem is lack of good liquidity for traders, as well as lack of profitability for investors. To date, these two related indicators cannot coexist harmoniously in the framework of one platform, which naturally causes discomfort for all potential participants. Third place can easily include missing tools, poor analysis and poor quality, as well as complex and incomprehensible system work interfaces and more. In one word - chaos.
A specialist team, with their specially developed financial instruments, will try to deal with this chaos. But to find out the details of their intentions

The benefits

As I mentioned before, the specialist team was involved in the development of the project, but I did not fully determine in what field they became specialists. In fact, there is no trick and the MAINFINEX founding team consists directly of the traders themselves, whose main goal is to create the highest quality, reliable and secure platform on the cryptocurrency market. And in order for their wishes to come true, they take into account all the most important and desirable cryptocurrency exchange functions and complete them according to the full program. That is why, besides all the above functions, MAINFINEX also has a number of additional tools that also have a positive effect on each individual trader. It doesn't matter what category you are a trader.
MAINFINEX functionality is accessible, transparent and intuitive for everyone. In addition, the platform itself will start working this fall and can fully demonstrate its superiority in the first 15 cryptocurrency pairs, including USDT. Promised to increase turnover in the near future.

Disadvantages of MainFinex decentralized flooring

  • Only supports a few platforms
  • Currently, Ethereum is the most popular platform for decentralized exchange, with several ERC-20 tokens that support trade. In the future, several other major platforms, such as NEO, will also be supported by decentralized exchanges.
  • More difficult to use
  • That's why exchanges like Binance or Huobi are popular just because they are easy to use. Many smart contracts must be used for decentralized exchange, which can be a headache for users, even for those who are familiar with cryptocurrency technology.
  • Centralized exchange also has a simple user interface that is visually regulated and easier to launch than decentralized exchange.
  • Lack of powerful features and functions
  • Most decentralized exchanges only support a few basic trade functions. Deeper features and trading tools, such as Margin trading, stop loss, etc. Often lost from decentralized exchanges. This is perhaps the main reason why decentralized exchange is still not popular in the cryptocurrency market.


Despite the fact that the MAINFINEX exchange has a number of features and differences of its own, however, the developers do not submit their own internal tokens and are ready to offer them to us as the primary means of payment. In addition, this token can be easily used also as access to the API, to limit loans, as well as a number of other cryptocurrency services and third-party sources. It is important to note that the issue of coins issued will be limited to the number of 200 million units, which will naturally affect the further volatility of the coin and its value in the cryptocurrency market. At the same time, MAINFINEX developers promise to burn a portion of their coins every quarter to further stimulate the value of their coins.

Cryptocurrency Offers

At launch, Mainfinex offered 15 different cryptocurrency pairs, all of which included USDT, Tether. This is:
As Mainfinex grows, the list of crypto currencies seems to be growing and can also include pairs involving assets other than USDT.
Mainfinex also makes it easy for website visitors to find all relevant data, from the latest news to support for login and registration.

Exploring the MAINFINEX Website

When users use MAINFINEX, they are welcomed by a classic website with an elegant touch, thanks to its black background with pale gold and white details.
the appearance of the website also makes it clear that MAINFINEX prioritizes ease of use and navigation, appealing to traders of all skill levels.
here MAINFINEX also makes it easy for website visitors to find all relevant information, from the latest news to support for logging in and registering.

Intuitive Interface and Chart

The Exchange interface at MAINFINEX is intuitive to use, building features found by traders on other exchanges. The graph, derived from Trading View, offers traders a familiar appearance with dozens of indicators, drawing tools, and other useful features to help guide decisions. in Graphics are fully customizable, from style to interval to color, and can be expanded to full screen.

Charts on MAINFINEX include:

  • interval selection
  • main graph types
  • customizable chart display, including style, scale and color
  • Indicator
  • Repeat, cancel, take photo, delete and save
  • Hundreds of the most popular drawing tools
    the navigation on the Exchange page is also very intuitive, with the expected section containing information about cryptocurrency pairs, current trading, and your personal trading history as common trading. The buy and sell functionality on this page is also easy to use. This part is simple by keeping its form minimum but still offering several types of orders to attract all traders.

MAINFINEX Official Resources:
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