Would you like to join the QuickFingersTraders Slack Channel? It is open again!

in trading •  3 months ago

Hey everyone,

I have gotten so many requests for Slack invites over the past weeks and now it is finally open again.

Here is the invite form for all those who want to talk with others who are trading my method. Plus I am often in the room, so you can PM me if you want, and I will answer you directly (when I get a chance).


Invites will get send out in small waves (20-50 people, depending on load) twice a month. Admins keep the right to change size and delay accordingly.


P.S. I did not create this room or moderate it. There are some great guys working hard keeping this room going, admins: @oneluckyflip, @hodlgod, @pelt, @tizzle, @Morph, @fulloflife, @dane, @rutger, @MATHGODCoolstrider... scanner developers: @niwa ... creator: @allyourbase11 Owners: @tizzle @quickfingersluc @hodlgod

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Well, I added myself to the waiting list, although I only got 8/13 on the test ;(


Me too, 8/13. More learning? Or did we answer too strictly ...

Good news that you are allowing more members. Fortunately, I got in the channel 3 months ago when it was easier to get in. Since then, I have learned alot watching you videos and learning from the pro traders in the Slack and Discord channels.

Thank god, i've been trying to find a way in for ages ;) thx


Welcome to our valued Slack channel. Much success to you. Let me know if I can help you learn Crypto and Forex trading.