Market Mathematics Part 2 and Part 3

in trading •  4 months ago

While my videos are usually about crypto exclusively, I felt that I could highlight this gifted trader who developed a very unique method to extract wealth from the Forex market. I think his method is genius. I personally have often considered taking time off from my day to day stock and crypto trading to just dive in and build a Forex Millipede as he does.

I simplified my explanation of his method, because of video time restraints.. But please feel free to take a deeper look directly from the source at:

Also if you want to check out the broker he recommends: for canada -- for USA or international --

Thanks again to everyone who upvoted my last blog post, it motivates me to continue adding content :)


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I think one of the keys of this method is forex can move in one direction for so long, and leverage as well. thanks a lot again Luc

Luc is a man that keeps giving and giving, I can milk his knowledge for months and months, even when it finally... finally fizzle down on you, you just spend few hours re-watching his videos and you find that you missed something, or that he is back with another Masterpiece. Sorry, I keep watching your videos, they're getting part of me :) Love you man. Thank you for everything once again!!!


Does anybody have the links to Pipeasy charts? the links at forexfactory forum to the chart images are no longer active. tks

This is totally new level. In strict mathematical terms it would sound like: "sacrificing linear losses to achieve exponential returns". Brilliant idea!

Happy to see u back!

Wow Luc... this is awesome strategy. This could be a really good long time diversifying strategy for your crypto. Thx for sharing!!!

I have a question but first of all Thank you Great Luc!! and nice to see you back :-)

Can't we do this on smaller time frames without focusing that much of big profits instead focusing on smaller profits?

Like using 1min or 5min candles and using 1 or 3days as the maximum time duration before an order is closed?

Thank you..

Hi Luc, I'm totaly fascinated by this method. Do you think this can also work with for example BTCUSD? Because my broker alows going short and long on 5 coins atm. Oh and thanks for sharing!


likely your broker does not allow going long and short at the same time.. thats the issue with using this method in anything other than forex..


Bitmex allows multiaccs, so it's possible to manage 4-5 positions manually (more than that will be total mess). But I see some challenges with this method:

  1. It's not easy to open high-leverage position (otherwise it's not worth the effort) in such volatile market
  2. You need to manage positions every day, because you can't miss opportunities to place "soldiers"
  3. Crypto infrastructure is immature. It's risky to hold long term positions
  4. Capital. You need it. The author of the method was already successful entrepreneur at that time, I think it's crucial to be relaxed about losses.

However, I think one can overcome this and fly not to the moon but to the mars.


I agree with 3 and partly with 4. I think its not a must to use a super high leverage and still make this strategy work. Pipeasy also suggests that you practice low risk entrys for half a year, so you can move yr sl to break even fast and make the costs (collateral damage;-) as low as possible. Further, i dont think you have to manage positions every day. A trend can go on for a long time, so maybe this can work with even 3 posistions a week or less. Pipeasy started with 5K, but you can also strart with 1K. Last, a professional trader must learn to control emotion, otherwise no strategy ever works in my opinion.

Hey Luc if you have Graeme's charts could you please, please post them somewhere? Imageshack no longer has the images he linked to. They would really help illustrate his points.