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So there is a new blockchain game out called Fishbank.

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Its like CryptoKitties except its fish and there will be battles. Here is a link to the whitepaper: https://fishbank.io/whitepaper/FISHBANK-V1.pdf

The very first players of CryptoKitties got all the cheap Gen 0 Kitties, and quickly made a killing on them. I started playing CryptoKitties about 2 weeks too late and already the trading was starting to die off, but those first #10,000 Gen 0 Kitties are still worth a mint. Who wouldnt like to go back in time and buy up those before the crowd showed up.

Well here is another chance, with this new game starting "FISHBANK".. But I think this will be even bigger because these guys have a track record of gaming. They have been making games since 2014, they created popular games prior to this like: Dragon Islands and Epic Kingdom. Those games have over 500,000 players already..

Please help me out by using my link to join.


Then after you have registered they will give you your own link to invite others. By inviting 3 friends you will get a free fish. Inviting others is the only way for us to get started for the next few days, until the game goes live.. then we can use our fish to battle and buy even better ones

Let's get some fish..

I really think that these games will become big soon. I can see a wave of new games being release and a game craze coming, just like ICOs popping up every few days. But this is still all new and that gives us a huge advantage. So lets get ahead of the crowd and get involved in the first few games before gaming becomes the new normal.


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Heyy.. Nice ear about.. I tried CryptoKitties before but was a littlebit confuse. I think that games are a huge market for crypto. I will try this one too, thanks for share

Non-game related question
Hey Luc love the strategy and vids. I've only done some small practice trades so far but am going to give it the college try. I believe it would help myself and other newcomers immensely if there were a checklist to run down before starting a trade. Like a companion document to everything you say in the videos. I made this rough draft list of general things to watch out for but would you consider editing it or generating a master outline? I feel like it would help to not overthink trades. It could perhaps be set-up as a read-only on G-Docs. Anyway this is what I came up with:

*don't trade low volume charts
*find an argument and read the story of the chart
*determine average bounce from a zoomed out 1hr chart
*locate most recent clear base with lots of buyers -strong bounces make good bases
*set alerts and/or layer orders under the base -not too close, around average drop length

*cracks can take over a day to return to base
*dont buy weak bases
*use the market scanner for day trades


I would also add to the list: Get out of bad trades as quickly as possible, don't wait for them to turn around. A single bad trade can wipe out dozens of good ones if you're not careful.

You can also trade on 5 minute charts for strong coins, but you need to be quick on your toes. I found those ones were good for training wheels, because the turnaround is fast enough to remember what you were thinking when you placed the bid, and then watch the progression, and get out quickly so you're not stressing for a day waiting for the bounce. Trade small amounts and take profits just above break-even to stay safe and build confidence, but pay attention to how often you could have let it ride a little longer for more profit.

Most important: Never go all-in! Trading is not gambling, because you're not trying to win big on a single bet. Successful trading is about repeated trades with modest profits and small losses. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme, it's a job.


Great points and thanks for adding to the list of things to think about. I am definitely gaining confidence doing small quick 5%-10% trades. I am finding I am more likely to get a buy/sell to go through if I lump in with a much larger order near my price point. Is that a real strategy or just coincidence?

Luc, I am having Quickfingers Luc video withdrawl. Looking forward to a new one.

Hey man, great videos! I don't know how to reach you, so I will ask my question here if you don't mind! How do you feel about the fact that most of the coins now do not have fixed chart and the prices are not tested? Do you think correction will go that low to test those prices?


I love it, that we have gaps that could fill.. But there are never any guarantees.. This market is very strong.. So I only reaction trade, Im not basing any of my trades on predictions..


Hey Luc, I stumbled upon yr strategy just before my xmas holidays, so I have watched all yr video's in those days and Im impressed. I swing trade for a year now (mostly GBP and platinum) but, its hard to be profitable. Last couple of months its getting better, but Im going to test yr strat. in 2018 on cryptos. Tanks for all the hard work and passion and keep it up! greetings from Holland.


Thank you! I learned a lot from you. Hope you will continue to make videos about crypto. I would not mind learning about the stock trading and forex as well :)

You got another referral :). I have been applying your trading techniques and so far it is working for me. I got started on december 28 with just $49 and today my account is $72. Very happy.


I signed up through the referral link too. I just started trying to follow Luc's advice but I don't know if I'm unlucky or need to watch more videos. I'm not making good picks yet.

Thanks Luc for sharing this, opportunity is huge!

this proyect looks interesting, use NEO. open to public in April 2018.



Yup im watching that game closely aswell.. and now there is EtherTanks also..


Wow I can't believe we got no heads up about that airdrop for Hashpuppies.. I had all my NEO on an exchange.. Gah.. I cant see getting those free tokens now..

Just registered under you Great Luc!! :-)

just joined using your link. Thanks for all you do Luc!

I registered using your link. Good luck! Here's proof, my link lol. http://my.fishbank.io/go/4138


thanks, I just got 100 referals and that earns a Legendary Fish.. not sure what thats gonna be able to do, but I appreciate the support.


Here is mine, maybe owlien and I can also become legendary ;)


Thanks for your help.. I got a Legendary fish because everyone used my Link.. thanks a bunch

Hey Luc. Love the base breaking strategy videos. Thanks for the help. How do I get an invite to the Slack channel? :D


There are no invites availible at the moment.. Im not in charge of that, I will however let everyone know when there is an invite again.. the slack is just too big right now, and hard to take care of, for the mods


Ok! Thanks Luc.


Let's start our own chat and discuss trades we see


Same here, I'd love to join the Slack.

Hi Luc, a little off topic but Im really curious.. would it be a bad idea to leave day trading buy orders on overnight?

I have a feeling Ill miss my sell window and it will just collapse by the time I wake up, so I just cancel all my buy orders when I want to go to sleep...

Anyways yeah... leave buy orders on overnight or cancel them? (specifically "account builder" type orders)

Edit: In fact, leaving my computer in general seems kinda sketchy... I have alerts set everywhere but who knows... Am I right in assuming that day trading is specifically meant to be done sitting in front of the computer constantly monitoring every trade?


Im always leaving orders overnight.. I trade the chart, so when I put an order in, to buy or sell, its only on a good place on the chart.. so it often executes for me while I sleep..


Thanks! One more question, about holding profits... I have currently tons of these little crappy coins that I've been trading and they're not really worth anything... Should I just keep them? Or should I only focus on holding the better coins like XMR, XRP, etc...

$100 in, $100 out, 100 ITS coins left over... wtf is ITS? lol
I feel like having the extra 0.001 ETH would be better than having 100 ITS coins...

Do you keep all your junk coins or do you only hold onto the big names?


Best advice is to NEVER MARRY A TRADE. If you have no reason to believe that you should hold a position, GET OUT and move your funds to something that is moving or has better potential.

I have my account waiting on my fish....any strategy ideas yet Luc?


Nope.. no strategy yet.. Now I just bought some Ethertanks last night.. this game stuff is gettting crazy.. I bought 2 tanks and they have already paid me my money back and now I have two free tanks and they are still earning me money.. So it really counts to be first in on these new games as they come out.. no idea which ones will get big.. but if you act fast you can get into most of them for free..


Thanks for all your shares and videos, Luc! Now i'm in all three games you have mentioned xD
Really curious about all. Did you get your 'fish' already? 100 referals worth a Legendary?

Even just bought my first CryptoKitty as well, named:
'May i have a like.TY' - https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/376199

BTW this cat has the 8th most likes in Gen 0 on the network. Please help my cat fly ahead with your likes! :) Thanks all!


How do you find out about these so early?

Hey Luc, I did make an account with your link, but have an unrelated question and can't figure out how else to contact you.

What is your opinion on whether the constant and high volume trading of cryptocurrencies ultimately undermines their value as currencies, given how volatile it makes them? I am really enjoying trading but can't help feel that it is making BTC and altcoins rather useless as actual currency. I went into more detail about this in my first and only post on Steemit.

Thank you so much for your opinion and time.


How is constant high volume trading of cryptos any different than the constant high volume trading of forex?

This certainly seems very interesting! I skimmed through the whitepaper and decided to try Fishbank out! Will share this with some of my friends for sure :)

Shouldn't we all be sharing each other's invites so we all get good looking fishys?

Thanks a lot for sharing bitcoin news ..Carry on your activity ..Best of luck..

Can I please get an invite to the slack group? I am a motivated new trader!

Hey luc, hopefully we get some rare fish out of this one :D., thanks for the heads up.

When you're trading, at what point should you just accept a loss and pull out? I've had times where I bag hold and the coin just plummets into oblivion and other times, where I'll pull out and take a loss, only for it to shoot to the moon.


Man i had that same problem with two coins. The charts showed a pattern and i bought the dip, but it plummeted and stayed down for a week and a half before i took the loss. It sucks and i learned the importance of stop limits

For the life of me, I still can not figure out what in the world they are for. lol! Oh well!

Great news thanks

Anyone know how to use the extension for chrome? I saw the video but it is not clear to me how to use it in the game.

Hey Luc, do you know a coin that is frequently breaking and respecting bases? A volatile one, maybe yr favorit?

Hello Master Luc! First of all, thanks a ton for sharing your awesome knowledge! I've already doubled my accounts using your methods!!! You are THE MAN! I was just a simple holder before, praying for the pumps of the coins! Now, thanks to you, I'm enjoying the trading battle!

Ok... So, sometimes I feel insecure to define some bases... Look at this chart:
XDN Base

It's a 15 min chart and I was craving to nibble on 56, considering the base on 60s... And after that I lost the opportunity and it came back all the way up to 65... So, would you consider a base on 60 and nibble that? And what should I ask myself to make sure if it's a clear base? Looks like there are buyers supporting the price when it touches 60s... I just don't know if there are enough.

Hey Luc, thanks for the educational vids...
Can I ask your opinion on xrp? bought, it dipped, holding and still dipping :(

Luc, I’m new to your site and pretty new to cryptotrading and just wanted to express my appreciation for your videos. I seem most of your back catelogue now, and each time I’ve almost asked a question on here you’ve ended up answering it in the next video I watch!

So thank you. Giving away your knowledge and teaching without expecting anything in return is massively appreciated, and will probably save those of us following you from making some serious financial errors! And I love the simplicity of your method.


Oh and I hope this isn’t considered spamming or out of order but I was given a link to a new exchange that is apparently starting soon called upcoin (upcoin.com/?ID=1659a920) who seem to be offering $500 in the account of the first 100.000 people signing up. I can’t vouch for them at all I just got the info from (a fairly reputable) crypto Twitter account I follow, but all I had to do was register with an email address, set up a password, complete a survey and follow them on twitter, FB etc that took about 5 mins and apparently now have $500 dollars in my account. It might turn out to be a scam but I couldn’t see the risk so far. And full disclosure- If you use my referral link I get ‘up to 50% of the fees this email referrals generate’. Anyway though I’d put it up if anyones interested. But at your own risk.


Thanks lol... I can't withdraw it yet, I wonder if they're really just giving you free money or if it's more like credit for using their website lol


I’m sure it is credit for using the site, but if it is a functioning exchange, you will surely be able to transfer out eventually. I suspect you’ll have to transfer something in to activate the account when it actually goes live. Will decide about that when the time comes...

Hopefully, they’re just investing in a fantastic product about which they are hugely confident. But I guess we’ll see.

Hey Luc, quick question. Would you still play this?
The base looks really strong, but there was already a 30% bounce down there. Just wondering what you think about cases like these.



In my novice opinion I believe the coin has been grinding down past your yellow base, so not really worth buying in...

It seems the real base is actually the 5 mark - you can see the drop down to about 4, and then the return back to 5...

The real question is, which base to use now?

The one at 4 is so small and weak...

Is there a way to find a good base when a coin is shooting upward?

There is definitely a base at 640, and there seems to be a decent base at about 950..

Is there a base at 1100?

Is there a way to find bases WHILE it's going up like this, so that I can buy during the FIRST big drop?

Or do I have to wait for a SECOND drop so that I can use the first drop as a base?

Hi Luc,

I was wondering if you are also looking into the new pet shop with Crypto Dogs, they are part of the game.com site.

We've been discussing it on Slack but it's a bit confusing as the site is also in Chinese. The drawings look very good, even better than the Kitties, they might become a success. There's already some talk about them on Reddit too.

Here's some info:




Would be great to have your opinions on the Slack channel.

Also, on another subject...Today I noticed there's a website about you using the quickfingersluc .com domain. And they are even asking for donations to someone called Michael. I thought I should let you know as you might not be too happy about it.

Signed up with your link! Here's mine http://my.fishbank.io/go/58080

Signed up as well, thanks for the hint. http://my.fishbank.io/go/77467

Find my invitees not ready to comprehend significance of blockchain gaming, so will prolly never get a fish...