ProfitTrailer part2

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Day 2 of my trading with profittrailer continues after I've set the amount per trade to 0.012 btc (10 times from before)

This is the results:

As I still had Active pairs with the previous amount of 0.00120 the bot couldnt have bought too much today (I've set the buying limit to 10 pairs) so it was a rather slow day but what it did succeed to sell was a nice profit per trade between 1.5$ - 3.5$ so you can see it could have been much more.

will keep updating :)

Crypto maniac out


I'm watching this keep the update coming.

after very slow progress, really you're breaking them in the head

I was waiting for this update to see to what extent It will be profitabel.
I believe It is

Could you post a copy of the file? Trying to make sure I've got it right

tommorow will do a manual

Nice, I would be very interested to see how this performs on a down market and see if this still holds up.

No Cryptopia Support? /sadface

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I believe only in Bitcoin!, need
to buy more..

Interested to see how this plays out!

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