Why is steem trading volume low? (I think mining fees are stupid)

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After learning about how DPoS system works and how i can send steem or steem dollar back and forth without paying any fees i am convinced steem blockchain is superior to Bitcoin and ethereum, i dont have to figure out cost of gas.

Inspite of high transaction blockchain volume, probably #1 daily for public blockchain the token STEEM daily volume is on average $1m turnover.

Why is that? Maybe because of steem power? Maybe STEEM was designed to be stable? But we have steem dollar for that right?

This post is not about giving answers but it's about i'm trying to figure out why STEEM is not as successful as say ethereum? I've tried other projects only hypothesis and speculation no working product.

It's crazy.

I just read an article on futurism promoting the tezos project.

Comparing breitman and larimer, i think larimer is at least 10x smarter.

So i figured out maybe it's because of anarchy philosophy of Dan that prevented big corporation due to compliance issues.

Nevertheless steem blockchain is here, it's not going away it can't die, it's no longer just a concept, it's not trying to beat fiat @ned knows that.

It just need @krose to do AMA just like how elon musk did AMA on reddit few hours ago.

Did i not read steem bitshares and eos can share codes just like bitcoin zcash litecoin atomic swap


It's exciting here and i'm still struggling with C++

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Good think and good Post


Thanks why your reputation below 25

Very interesting and informative post shared followed . @n-ur Wish you the best with all your future endeavors.