Introducing the Selection competition: participate and get a chance to get up to $10,000 under management

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 The selection competition is a special competition launching right before the start of COF next round. COF — is a Community Operated Fund, there everyone can participate as an investor or as a trader.

The main goal of the Selection competition is to find out new traders and include them into COF.Mechanics:
The selection round consists of 2 small rounds duration for 5 and 7 days.
The winners of the 1st round go to the 2nd round. Winners of the 2nd round can be included in COF as a trader. Each trader in COF could manage up to $10,000 (and more) and earn commission fees from it, so this is a good chance to become a professional trader in a Fund. Traders of the 1st round trades via own balances. Traders of the 2nd round trades with balances trusted to them.

How to participate in the Selection competition?

  1. Everyone, who wants to participate should add minimal balance worth of 100 usdt via exchange API keys to Membrana platform (video instruction). The 1st round starts on December 9 and will last 5 days until December 14.
  2. Traders, who will show a 5% profit per this round will be included in the 2nd round. After the 1st round finishes, Membrana will provide a special trust management contract for each trader in the 2nd round. The amount of contract depends on the number of participants.
  3. Parameters of the trust management contract of the 2nd round:
    Target profit: 15%
    Max loss: 6%
    Duration: 7 days
    Traders commission fee: 25% (trader gets his commission in proportional to his profit for the contract).
  4. The 2nd round starts on December 16 and will last until December 23.
  5. Winner — the most profitable trader in the 2nd round.


Profit generated from the 2nd round will be divided through the TOP3 traders:

The 1st place: 50% of total profit + PRO status for 14 days
The 2nd place: 30% of total profit + PRO status for 14 days
The 3rd place: 20% of total profit + PRO status for 14 days
The 4–10th place: Premium status for 14 days. Rewards are paid in 24h after the competition ends.

Social mechanics

One of the requirements for traders is social network activity. So, we ask winners from the 1st and 2nd rounds to make tweets about profit and the Selection competition as a whole. Persons, who will not make tweets, can be excluded from the competition.

What's next?

  1. Add API key from your Binance account to Membrana Platform (video instruction) with balances more than 100 usdt. If you already have done this, you don’t need to add one more API key.
  2. Confirm your interest in participation clicking the “Confirm” button here: Confirming will be available on 5 December.
  3. Start trading on December 9.

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