COF First Round results

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 In this article we’re going to discover these topics:

  1. First Round goals;
  2. First Round data;
  3. Rewards for Level 2 token holders after the First Round;
  4. What’s next?
  5. Conclusion.

First Round goals

COF — Community Operated Fund — is a trading fund whose assets include community assets and Membrana’s team assets. After several interviews, we found out that investors have a problem with the choice of a trader. Also, investors are willing to pay a commission if decisions are made by a more experienced person. Therefore, in each round, we announce the most successful traders with ROI verified by Proof-of-Trade system.

The goal of the First round — to conclude contracts between investors and traders and make a profit (and this goal has already been achieved). Some investors began to conclude contracts with traders on their own and receive profit from it. Thus, it confirms that a trader, getting into COF, becomes well-known in the community and receives extra-investments.

First Round Data

Start: 2019–08–03 11:00:00
End: 2019–11–04 11:00:00
The initial amount of assets: 20200 USDT
Membrana’s team invested: 12%Total assets in contracts: 41695 USDT (BTC price = 9400 USDT, ETH price = 190 USDT)
Total number of contracts: 20
Total profit per round: 1,6%


                                              Another_Elonmusk perform 19,68% (upper line)

                           The most profitable trader: Another_Elonmusk with 19.68% per contract. 

                                                                   Firebirdcoin671 profit charts 

               The most stable trader: Firebirdcoin671 with 100% positive contracts (all ended in profit).


* Important remarks

  1. The trader Artem Pervushin, who had the largest contract amount — didn’t perform trades, due to no entry point according to his strategy.
  2. The general market sentiment for these 3 months is fear. The market is complicated and many investors and traders lost their assets.

Rewards for Level 2 token holders after First Round

We paid and will continue to pay ETH rewards worth of 400 USDT each month for Level 2 token holders. With the growth of COF, this number would increase. It depends on the investment size and the profit traders can generate.

What’s next?

In the next round, there will be more famous traders and fewer dubious traders. We are also working on connecting trading bots, which you could choose to invest in.

 For traders, we are launching a new special tool called the Assets group, which combines contracts into a group. This will enable more investors with a small deposit to invest in traders with a high initial minimum amount for management.

 Also, taking into account that the current round was largely tested, we fixed the price of the MBN token for this round as 0.02 USDT, so it was enough to have 300,000 MBN to obtain Level2 staking status and 25,000 MBN to Level1. In the following rounds, the preferential rate will be canceled. The exact number of MBN tokens for Level2 and Level1 will be announced at the start of the round (but will not exceed the equivalent of 500USDT and 6000 USDT respectively). 

Additionally, to that, we would introduce staking Level3, which will have higher benefits for the token holders.

 The second round is planned for late November. We will inform accordingly and present guidance on how to take part in it.



  1. The first round was completed successfully and profitably. The total volume of assets exceeded the initial twice as much.
  2. The ETH rewards for Level2 token holders will be enlarging with COF growth.
  3. In the next round, trading bots will appear and there will be more famous traders.
  4. Thanks to the Asset Group, the trader will have the opportunity to reduce the minimum deposit.
  5. The preferential rate for obtaining Level1 and Level2 staking statuses will be canceled.
  6. Staking Level3 will be introduced.
  7. Wait for the COF Second Round at the end of November.

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