Bitcoin [BTC/USD]: TARGETS for the WAVE 5

in trading •  4 months ago

Technical analysis, fibonacci ratios, data symmetry and Elliot Wave Projections applied to Bitcoin.

Apparently Corn is being bullish lately as you might have noticed. Corn is looking ready for the next push.

There is a clear bull trend being respected in Bitcoin

Tested again and again!

More insight into BTC/USD

Short term bear channel has been broken

More analysis in Bitcoin/Usd

Now let's clear the charts to point out the relevant things: TARGETS!!

To conclude: Bitcoin's bullish as fuck. Looking ready for more movement.
Extended waves are hard to trade yet very rewarding if succesfully catched.

Thanks for reading!

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Let's get this bull moving...

Estic d’acord. Bulls are back.

"Bitcoin's bullish as fuck"

my kind of conclusion :) no better way to put it.