Huge Dumps On Bitcoin? See Dumps on Stocks/Forex

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This post will be a bit more about financial markets than just crypto still on topic that i post daily about since starto of STEEM 4 years ago.

JP Morgan CEO got to hospital due to heart attacks seeing stocks on thursday. Today opening of Oil made loads of people who used leverage at huge -% accounts.



The "small" dump on Bitcoin vs those banks and private hedge funds loses on usual markets seems a joke.

Yet its still big, right now we have huge dump on BTC (not first one today).

BitMex XBT/USD Chart


Sick dumps today on everything.

Where to trade stocks/markets with Bitcoin?


I suggest only one place SimpleFX if you are into forex, dax etc that is the anon place which pays in crypto and no taxes with up to x500 leverage.

To trade Bitcoin or Crypto with leverage ie use Binance, enter futures and code bonus10 to get 10% out of fees.


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Long on BitMex and alikes are getting killed.


There are dumps happening across most markets, including cryptocurrencies. The odd thing is that I'm far more comfortable with the idea of holding crypto than any other asset class or currency.

the dump on oil is stunning!

Perfect timing for a trade war, eh? This event has the ability to pull back any progress on renewable energy and ignite a global recession. Cash is king for now.

the last dump like this was when war in persia happened in 94 i think

@kingscrown, Sounds like today's day was a Dumping Day. Stay blessed.

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Panic investors are liquidating their stock positions and hoarding cash in order to ride out the storm.

good to have cash on yourself right now indeed

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