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LSK made our last fall scenario. In recent days it has returned to the previous support 5.45 USD to test it from below. In the last 24 hours LSK quotes are falling:


How does it look on the chart:


The price is still moving in the downward channel and until it comes out top, there is no chance for any long positions, unless we play them from the lower limit of the downward channel, preferably converging with the support. But we are still far away from this place. Meanwhile, we have a strong down candle on the 4-hour chart, which in addition has been tested in 50% - those who play under this setup are already in the sales position.


The next stop seems to be support 3.88 USD. We are reminded of LSK rebranding which will happen soon. Until then, we recommend trading based on technical analysis. Below is a graphic showing the progress of the work on LSK:


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