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RE: Market Mathematics Knowing your odds is the secret to trading

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Thanks man, you're work is very much appreciated. Please don't stress about the questions, don't let it overwhelm you to the point that you stop sharing content. Answer what you can and only when you feel like it. your content is important to many of us. Looking forward to the next video. Thanks!


that is the crux of why I disappear alot... If my life gets busy, its easier to just stay silent for a bit, instead of open the flood gates of questions and personal messages..

I know how you feel, I been there. I believe the reason you do this is because you enjoy it and genuinely want to help people so if people are to receive a video with slim to little chance of asking you questions about the content, that's still better than not receiving anything at all. You will still have done what you enjoy to do, helping people.

Do what you can when you can. I know it's easier said than done but it will be appreciated.

Excellent video (as always) and welcome back. You've been missed! Hope you enjoyed your summer break :)

Great video again, thanks! If i understand:
With (Small) Account Building 'under the base' (...) means 'chart not reliable' so try to break even/get out asap. While when you talk about 'Position Trading', getting in under the base is what you wait for?