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Trading cryptos has always been an interest of mine and I have traded digital assets ever since the very first coin was created. While this trading venture is very profitable, there are a couple of factors that I have to carefully consider before indulging in a certain exchange. It is a process that requires a lot of research failure to which I could suffer incredibly large losses.

Two of the most common factors to consider are liquidity and security for an individual trader or a company that is looking to list their token on a certain exchange. Security is an imperative feature of any crypto exchange because of hacks that happen very often. There are malicious cybercriminals out there who are always waiting for a loophole to access personal data from unsuspecting traders or exchanges such as private keys. Once these hackers have access to private keys, they are able to manipulate digital assets where in most cases they transfer these funds to their own personal accounts where the true owner cannot access them any longer.

Security breaches are usually frustrating because traders are not able to get back their hard-earned funds. Exchanges, on the other hand, tend to lose trust from the crypto community because traders are afraid of their funds or personal data being manipulated by unauthorized individuals. Liquidity is also an important factor especially for traders who withdraw their funds often. Today, I am going to tell you about a blockchain project which is going to guarantee security and liquidity to all of its users through employing various techniques. If you are in search of a secure and swift crypto exchange to trade in, you are going to enjoy this article.

The Liquiditex solution.

Liquiditex is going to be a world-class crypto exchange where users are going to enjoy a variety of benefits.

The security system.

Liquiditex is going to be very keen on user protection every step of the way by ensuring that users' funds are safe and not susceptible to any hacking. Security is going to be very high on Liquiditex because the platform is going to put in place a couple of measures. These measures include multi-signature, cold store, secure and reliable layered technology architecture all of which are going to ensure that funds in wallets are safe at all times. On Liquiditex,95% of crypto assets are going to be stored in cold wallets to ensure that they are always safe in any situation.

I am very excited to become a trader on Liquiditex due to their security system as I have been a victim of hacking severally before. These security measures are going to greatly assist Liquiditex to achieve mass adoption because traders, as well as projects looking to list their tokens, are usually in search of secure exchanges.

Fast matching engine.

Have you had cases where your orders on a certain crypto exchange take too long to get processed and get quite inconveniencing? Well if so, I am convinced that Liquiditex is going to be the ideal trading platform for you. The reason is that the Liquiditex platform’s matching engine is going to be capable of sustaining 100000 transactions per second. What this means is that your orders are never going to be stuck on the platform instead, the transaction processing speed is going to be impeccable.

As a frequent crypto trader, I have experienced first-hand the frustration that comes with major delays especially when I am in dire need of money. I am very excited to see the success of Liquiditex exchange and become a part of an exchange that is going to process my transactions in a timely manner.

What tokens will be listed on Liquiditex?

I am particularly interested in Liquiditex because the exchange plans to offer crypto traders a variety of tokens to trade in on the platform. Liquiditex will support the trading pairs in BTC, ETH, USDT, and LEX but that is not all guys. There are future plans to add more coins and the exchange has very strict rules on the coins it adds. The coins which are going to be added on Liquiditex are going to be those that have strong credibility, user base and liquidity to ensure traders have the best trading experience of their lives. Liquiditex is also calling out to angel investors who might have tokens they want to be listed on the exchange as it will greatly help.

The Liquiditex ranking system.

The loyalty point in the Liquiditex exchange customer ranking system is going to be Shell and the more shells a trader holds, the more benefits they get in the long term with Liquiditex. Shell is going to be applied in:

β˜… A trader can accumulate Shell to acquire a high ranking on Liquiditex whereby the Liquiditex system evaluates users’ activities and pays worthwhile rewards.

β˜… The shell can be exchanged with rewards, benefits and prerogatives in Liquiditex specific promotion campaigns.

β˜… Traders can get airdrop according to the amount of Shell they are holding where the more Shell a trader has the more Airdrops they get.

Multi-language support.

Everyone is going to conveniently trade on the Liquiditex exchange regardless of their ethnicity. This is because the Liquiditex exchange is planning to break the language barrier and support a couple of languages which are English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. There are plans to add more languages with time to the list so that everyone can be able to comfortably trade on the exchange without having to worry about understanding the functionality of the exchange.

The Liquiditex exchange token.

Liquiditex is going to have its very own native token which will be referred to as LEX and it will be issued on Ethereum network with ERC20. The total amount of LEX tokens that will be supplied is 100,000,000, a number that will not be increased.


Check out more about the Liquiditex platform from their website and make sure to become a part of this innovative crypto trading platform as soon as it becomes operational. It is also important that you try to support the success of Liquiditex whichever way you can because I am convinced the exchange is going to revolutionize crypto trading as we know it.

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