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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since their creation have created a buzz among people all around the world. The numerous benefits that the two come with are what people are most interested in. Personally, I was interested in trading cryptos ever since the first coin was created, Bitcoin. It has ever since been a huge part of my trading venture because I enjoy so many benefits which normally lack in trading on fiat exchange platforms.

Trading in cryptos might be profitable but it requires a lot of patience, interest, and research to perfect. Before I started trading cryptos had to borrow ideas and advice from other traders who had been in the game longer than I had. There are numerous factors to consider before investing your hard-earned money in a crypto exchange. The most common factors would be liquidity and security, which are what the majority of crypto traders and companies looking to list their tokens on a certain exchange highly consider.

Currently, the crypto market is lacking liquidity and security mainly due to exchanges that are not as genuine as they portray to be. There are malicious cybercriminals who tend to come up with scam projects for the sole purpose of exploiting money from the masses. This is yet another reason why one should extensively research a crypto exchange or project before deciding to invest in it. While carrying out research on crypto projects which I could potentially invest in, I came across an innovative project which is aiming at solving the liquidity and security issue by providing the crypto market with an amazing exchange.

The Liquiditex Exchange.

Fast matching engine.

Liquiditex exchange is looking to solve both the issues of security and liquidity which are plaguing the crypto market on a world-class crypto exchange. This article is going to break down how Liquiditex exchange is going to achieve its objectives. The Liquiditex exchange is going to have an extremely fast matching engine such that it will be capable of sustaining 100000 transactions per second. What this means is that your orders on the Liquiditex exchange are never at any point going to be stuck on the platform due to the matching engine being overloaded.

As a frequent crypto trader, I have had cases where there have been delays in my transaction processing on various crypto exchanges. This is very frustrating for a frequent trader because it means that I have to postpone most of my errands that require money. With the Liquiditex exchange however, such problems are going to be nonexistent which is why I am very excited to see the success of this innovative project. This is one feature that is going to help Liquiditex achieve mass adoption because it is aiming at solving a problem that almost every crypto trader experience on a daily basis.

Security system.

The issue of insecurity on crypto exchanges is not something new. There have been major hacks in history which have led to traders losing millions of dollars. One of the greatest hacks was the one which happened in June 2011 where the hacker managed to get a hold of Mt. Gox’s auditor’s credentials and transferred 2609 bitcoins to an address for which Mt. Gox had no keys. It is usually very hard for exchanges to regain users' trust once such a thing occurs although Mt. Gox was able to pick itself up and sustain itself in the market.

This is just one of the many hacks which have gone down in history but Liquiditex is looking to help prevent such cases on their exchange at all costs. To achieve a high level of security, Liquiditex is going to incorporate a couple of measures to ensure user funds are as secure as they should be. These measures include multi-signature, cold store, secure and reliable layered technology architecture which will all guarantee maximum security on the exchange.

To ensure that users' funds are always safe in any situation, Liquiditex is going to store 95% of crypto assets in cold wallets. It is important that I trade on an exchange that prioritizes the security of my funds and Liquiditex is going to take security to a whole new level. Liquiditex is, therefore, going to be the ultimate exchange for any crypto trader to invest in be they newbies or professional crypto traders.


The Liquiditex exchange is looking to build and release various features to ensure that traders have the best experience on the platform. These features include spot trading, instant exchange, white-label exchange, grid trading, social trading and copy trading, staking platform and many others. Traders are therefore going to have multiple ways to generate a profit on the Liquiditex platform which is why this innovative project is at the top of my list for ideal crypto trading platforms.

The supported tokens.

Liquiditex is going to support the trading pairs in a couple of coins which are BTC, ETH, USDT, and LEX. The platform, however, has plans to add more coins over time for the purpose of extending its user base. To ensure that the Liquiditex exchange offers the best services, the coins which will be listed are only going to be the ones that have strong credibility, user base and liquidity. Angel investors are also strongly encouraged in case they have a token which they want to be listed on Liquiditex.

Ranking system.

In the Liquiditex customer ranking system, the loyalty point is going to be Shell whereby having more shells as a user will definitely earn you more benefits in the long term with Liquiditex. Shell applications will be:

πŸ”—Accumulate Shell to acquire a high ranking on Liquiditex. The Liquiditex system will evaluate the user’s activities and reward them accordingly.
πŸ”—Exchange Shell with rewards, benefits, and prerogatives in Liquiditex particular promotion campaigns.
πŸ”—Get airdrops according to the amount of Shell you are holding whereby the more Shells you have the more airdrops you get.



Liquiditex is going to be the ideal crypto exchange for crypto traders who are keen on the liquidity and security of their assets. Check out more aboutLiquiditex from their website and learn of current developments of the project to make sure that you are not left behind when the platform becomes operational. I cannot wait to become a part of this innovative platform and expand my trading knowledge and venture into a completely secure ecosystem.

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