Beginner's Investment Portfolio (Episode 1)

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I figured I would share my journey with the community to help with my learning process and maybe encourage others to start their portfolios as well. My plan currently is to add $50-100 each paycheck to my crypto portfolio and use dollar cost averaging to buy my bitcoin. For those of you unfamiliar, this is a strategy to buy at a similar time of week/day each time you purchase which helps avoid the fear of buying in too high or wanting to wait until the price is lower. 

I would love to hear some thoughts on my target % and anything you guys would add.

I am very bullish on decentralized exchanges as I believe that is where all crypto trading is headed in the future. My favorite one that I hear very few people talking about is BlockNet. I expect big news coming from them soon :) I will explain all my choices in more detail and my strategy moving forward if there is any interest in this post. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing.

Should turn your google sheet into a template and share it. I'm sure plenty of investors would find it super-useful, especially from a tax perspective.

Another excellent argument for hodling :) And I can make one without my personal info on it and share. I cut/pasted these two images from my sheets.

Name, Date of birth and Social would be awesome. Just leave those in. :)

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